Saturday, November 14, 2009

Writer’s Challenge….My Favorite Movie


Lori over at Family Trees May Contain Nuts is hosting a Writer’s Challenge and while I am definitely not a writer, I do have a favorite movie….no having to think about it, no contest. I have loved “The Wizard of Oz” since I was a little girl and it continues to be my all time favorite to this day.


I began watching “The Wizard” when it was a once-a-year event…no DVR, CD’s, or even Blockbuster. The movie came on tv and you watched it or missed until the next year…I never missed it. I prepared for days making sure I would be ready at the appointed time…bath taken, pj’s on, popcorn popped, pillow in place…I was ready. When I was very young, the beginning of the movie which took place in Kansas was all in black and white—symbolic of how young Dorothy thought of her life. It was not until the house touched down in Oz that the presentation was in color….As Disney used to say, “the wonderful world of color". The cyclone had transported Dorothy and Toto to a world full of rich color and richer characters. …not black and white, and certainly not Kansas.


She landed in a place where good and evil were at war and recognizable. witch-from-the-wizard-of-oz

She landed in a place where she had a chance to be someone else and to make a difference.


“The Wizard of Oz” theme seemed to follow me.-first, in college as an annual sorority skit, and later in events with my children.


I think I spent a lot of my life like Dorothy….looking for my place over the rainbow…feeling as if the answer was just over the hill and down the yellow brick road.


But like Dorothy the road led me to an answer. I found out that I have always had the power to be happy. I discovered and have tried to teach my children that happiness is an “inside job”. Happiness does not depend on circumstances; happiness depends on attitude.


Last February when I finally decided to take a leap of faith into Blogland, I had no trouble deciding on a blog name or symbol. I feel as if I have gotten to the other side of the rainbow….and there’s no place like home :).

Hope you’ll visit Lori to share movie memories at Family Trees May Contain Nuts. Thanks Lori!


  1. Susan, you were not too late at all.
    Of course you chose this movie. How appropriate the name of your blog is. I get it.

    Disney was on Sunday nights wasn't it? I too remember waiting. I can hear the theme music in my head right now. Tinkerbell fluttering around the screen.

    I wore what is called a "living mask" one year on Halloween. It is a mask of separate pieces that you attach to your chin, nose, cheeks and brow then you put the make up over it. When you talk and look around the pieces move with your own face. I did the witch and honestly I looked almost exactly like the bad witch here. Scared the tar out of half the elementary school.

    The wizard was such a fake. No one could see that but Glenda knew it all along didn't she.

    Did you know that Buddy Ebsen (of Jed Clampett fame) was supposed to play the Tin Man but the silver paint/makeup they put on him almost killed him? Bad allergic reaction.

    Oh and don't get me started on those flying monkeys. I don't think I slept after seeing those.

    I love this version of the song and the one the kid on American Idol did too.

  2. I love this post. I think Wizard holds a special place for so many people. I remember getting ready to see it annually just like you. Thanks for stopping by, I did read the book first, actually discovered the movie years after it was released (I was only 4 when it first came out lol). And I have read A Time To Kill, it's actually my favorite Grisham book. Kathy

  3. Hi Susan! What a wonderful post! The Wizard of Oz is one of my all time favorites too! I remember too when it came on once a year and it was always on a Sunday night. My family faithfully went to church on Sunday nights and I would be able to see the first half of the movie but then we'd have to leave for church and I never got to see the last part! Well, as I got a little older I figured out to get to watch the entire thing! About an hour before the movie came on, I faked a good old fashioned horrible tummy ache! It worked and I got to see the entire movie! I was so bad!
    Be a sweetie,

  4. Hi Sue - yes, the pork roast is the same one I took the bone out of earlier in the week. I'll definitely be making it again - it was excellent. Hope you give it a try!!


  5. Your love of this movie shines out through your writing. It's a wonderful movie to have as your favourite. That wicked witch. Shudder!

  6. Great post!
    Signed: Glenda (the good witch) :-D

  7. Susan~~

    Great post and so fitting for your blog. I never connected your blog name with the movie, but it sure makes sense now.

    You really brought back memories. My sisters and I did the same exact thing...prepared all day, layed a blanket on the floor and sat in our jammies with the popcorn. Didn't it seem like the movie was about 4 hours long? Maybe it was with the commercials! lol!!

    Great post. Great writing!


  8. The Wizard of Oz experience was exactly the same for me. It came on once a year and it was a big deal. I still can remember how watching the bad witch go by on her bicycle with toto in her basket scared me to death. Sue

  9. They use to show this movie right before the holidays when I was a kid and I always wanted a pair of those ruby slippers. Just click your heels and you will always be over the rainbow:)

  10. Then I know where you are right now! You're watching The Wizard of Oz! You are spot on about the attitude! I was having that conversation this morning with my 17 yr. old! About those egg whites..just put it all in the double boiler and beat while it's cooking. Hope that helps! God Bless! Lauralu :)

  11. I still watch this movie and I love hearing my Mom tell the story when she saw it at the movies and how fabulous the color was in the Land of Oz!

    One of the true great movies of all time!

  12. Hi Susan,
    I wouldn't say your not a writer. Your tribute to The Wizard of Oz was very beautifully written. I have only seen this movie a couple of times and now, because of your post, I want to watch it again. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful Sunday.

    ♥Ana~A Petite Cottage

  13. This one and Cinderella were the ones I looked forward to. You're so right. Fame nor fortune can make us happy. We have to look inside to find that contentment and peace.

  14. Oh My....How many years in a row did I watch this? My dad grew to dread it/ha It just got better every year....great post!

  15. Hi Susan! Now I see why you gave your blog its name! How fun! Yes, I love this movie, too. I loved seeing the color when Dorothy landed in Oz!! (I am old enough to remember going to a friends house so we could see Mary Martin in "Peter Pan" in color on NBC!!! Love that peacock!)Good choice! Happy week!...Debbie

  16. Btw - I forgot to mention, I made Bananas Foster from your September post. Thumbs up! New recipes are usually met with wrinkled noses and distainful 'what's this?', but Bananas Foster was woofed down and I got requests to make it again. So thank you. xx

  17. Susan, I think maybe you are not telling us the truth. You are a writer! I love the way you tied this in to your blog. laurie

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