Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tablescape Thursday…She Said the Magic Words !

Once again, our gracious hostess Susan at Between Naps on the Porch has invited us to her place to play with the dishes. Thanks so much Susan! If you are a regular visitor, you may know that our daughter got married last summer. So with engagements comes the bridal registry, and then gifts, and then finally MORE NEW CHINA! We spent a two days together last weekend painting two bedrooms and she finally got around to saying the magic words I’ve been longing to hear……not, “we’re having a baby” but “will you help me set my table?”. Yippee! This is music to my ears! I have been wanting to get my hands on this since June. Sunshine is a smart girl who knew what she wanted. She has loved Herend since she was a teenager when she received a small decorative heart. So, when she started making decisions for her bridal registry she chose this as her dinner plate.HHDVT2-20515-0-00-2T

This is the Gwendolyn pattern by Herend with 24 karat slightly scalloped edges. She thought one day it might mix nicely with either of these


This is Lancaster by Haviland and belonged to my grandmother. It is the pattern I always use for Thanksgiving and in the fall. The leaves and colors make it perfect for the season. It too is white with a very slight scallop and thin gold edging.


This is my formal china-Rosalinde also by Haviland. The very center of this plate is white (like the Herend plate), the outer rim is bone. Once again, it has a slight scallop and a gold edge. Do you think this might be genetic—three generations of gold scallops? :) We both thought this would be a good salad plate on top of her Gwendolyn. But for her salad plate, Sunshine mixed patterns. Brides seem to do that more now. She chose this


This is Chinese Bouquet by Herend. It is was of Herend’s oldest patterns inspired by an even older Chinese pattern. This particular pattern was commissioned by Count Albert Apponyi a distinguished nobleman and statesman of Hungary. Chinese Bouquet comes in blue, rust, or green. Sunshine chose green, but I was rooting for the blue. Look at all those serving pieces available!


Herend has been made in the small village of Herend near Budapest since 1826. Started by Vince Stingl, it quickly changed hands after a bankruptcy. The creditor Mor Fishcher took over and developed the artistry. It was a favorite of European nobility. In 1853 a Herend pattern, entered in the New York Exhibition of Industrial Arts, won an award. From that point on, it became an American favorite as well.


Many of the patterns were created and named for specific families or people. This pattern with flowers and butterflies is Queen Victoria.


You bird watchers and fans will love this pattern. Susan you would love this one! It was created in 185o for the Rothschild family of Europe. Twelve different motifs depict a nineteenth century tale about Baroness Rothschild who lost a pearl necklace in her garden in Vienna. Several days later the necklace was found by a gardener who spotted birds playing with it in a tree.


Not only does Herend produce china, they also create beautiful collectibles and figurines. This elephant is from the Safari Collection and is the popular fishnet pattern.


I personally aspire to fishnet bunnies—in several shapes, sizes, and positions :)HVHV1-15533-0-00-2

Here is a starfish in the green and white fishnet pattern.HSVHB-15932-0-00-2

The starfish and this sea urchin are from their newest collection.


I do own one small piece—the rose in the secretary was a gift. Mine is pink, but they come in several beautiful colors.

I can hardly wait to help Sunshine set her table for Thanksgiving! This will be the first time in over 25 years that the Thanksgiving holiday meal has not been at our house. The next generation is at least temporarily borrowing the torch…and I am thankful :)

Please visit our gracious hostess Susan and a lots of others for more table fun! You can click on the TT button and be there in a flash! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Beautiful dishes!!!
    These are lovely,

  2. Lovely dishes! I have a son, so I don't get to help with the table..
    But I have given them lots of pretty things I find!

  3. I think the Queen Victoria pattern is lovely. Guess what, I am attracted to scalloped edges as well and my everyday dishes have scallops (Secla Portugal and Franciscan).


  4. Such beautiful china. I love all of the patterns you've shown. It really is all so lovely. I think your daughter was so wise to pick a pattern that she can mix with so many other things. It is bittersweet to pass the torch. Sometimes I really miss all the mess that goes on when you host the big meals at your house. I look forward to seeing her table. Hugs, Marty

  5. Oh my, she is a smart girl! what beautiful china and what a fun Mother/Daughter thing to do! Cindy

  6. Oh have the dreaded tablescape disease--the first clue is you wanted to help your daughter with the tablescape more than to hear news about a baby....woe...woe...

    Pretty stuffffffff, but.....remember to fight this disease you must remember that babies are prettier---say that everytime you do a tablescape and perhaps a cure may come about!

  7. Beautiful china!! I hope she uses it and enjoys it's beauty instead of putting it away for "a special occasion". My family has outgrown my dining space, so most family meals are buffet style and more casual. That is OK - we are together. Hope you are having a great week.

  8. Very beautiful china! What fun she (and you) will have setting tablescapes together!! Hugs!

  9. What a great honor to be asked by a daughter to help her set up her table, Susan. Most daughters think they know best. The dishes are so beautiful. I love Herend but they are so expensive. So lucky for your daughter to own some. It just shows how exquisite her taste is. Have fun!.Christine

  10. I love china!! I love to set a pretty table. Will you take pictures of your daughter's table? That would be lovely to see! Love the figurines as well. Very nice! Enjoy your day!

  11. Ohhhh That is music to a mother (or grandmother's) ears! My granddaughter loves to table scape too. And when we are shopping she will ask me to buy her little things..."For my tablescapes?" She'll say. Awwwww...
    Your daughter has fabulous taste! Well look who her Mother is.
    Have a great rest of the week

  12. I love dishes and enjoyed your post so much. How exciting for your daughter to host Thanksgiving this year. New memories in the making. Enjoy!

  13. You and your Sunshine have such great taste in dishes! Herend makes the best! :)

  14. Susan, thanks for dropping in my blog . Love your educational post, great to learn something about dinnerware or china I didn't know things about. Love that green and white, wow.
    And yes, I got me some of those monogrammed napkins too, I thought that was a good deal. Mine should be here soon, so then we will see. I was disappointed though, been wanting some china or monogrammed dinnerware and they don't make a Q very often. Whaaaa! Oh well someday I will find some.
    Linda Q

  15. Thank you for the info. Those are gorgeous dishes!


  16. Hi Susan, Well, girlfriend, you know me well! (LOL) Did you ever see this post that I did? You will get a laugh when you read it, I think. :-)
    Your daughter has outstanding taste...I'm impressed. I've discovered Herend late in life, but boy am I hooked. She has picked some beautiful patterns! Thanks for the info about really is a facinating company. BTW, I discovered a few weeks ago, if you go on Youtube and type in Herend, there are a LOT of videos that show how the china is made and will tell you all about Herend...some are really good and fun to watch.
    Thanks again for a fabulous post...enjoyed this sooo much!

  17. Oh, forgot to say...the Herend pattern I love more than breathing is Rothschild Bird, Green Border...but it retails at around $1,300 a place setting. :-( So won't be "acquiring" that wonderful stuff anytime soon. I did manage to find a seller on eBay where I bought some of the regular Rothschild Bird salad of these days I'll do a tablescape with them. :-)
    Thanks again for getting my blood racing through my veins...china has a way of doing that to me. :-)

  18. I definitely learned something here today..., love (of course) the starfish and urchin figurine!

  19. Susan, this is a beautiful post. So many gorgeous pieces of china featured. Obviously, your families great taste goes back several generations! I can't wait to see your daughter's table with her beautiful china. I know it will be spectacular, because the two of you (and your ancestors) have excellent taste in china! laurie

  20. I am attracted to scalloped edges as well and my everyday dishes have scallops (Secla Portugal and Franciscan).
    Work From Home

  21. What beautiful china. Thank you for the information on Herend - it is absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait to see the finished table.


  22. Wow, the White ones with the gold eadge are beautiful. I also love the other pieces by Herend. I am going to look them up.


  23. Your daughter will have so much fun setting a lovely Thanksgiving table. The torch was passed to me a few years ago after my mother's health declined. Now I enjoy having my whole family here. Shopping at 6AM is fun, too.

  24. What a fun time you must have had with your daughter. Thanks for the history of this established china maker too! Lovely dishes all.

  25. Beautiful china! I wish my daughter would take an interest in tablescaping but I don't see that happening...sad but true, she thinks paper plates are great, she doesn't have to wash them.

  26. What stunning selections of Herend! I could not pick a favorite, as they are all captivating.
    I know you were honored to be asked by your DD for your help. You're teaching her well.


  27. forgot to say "thanks" for mentioning the wingdings...I think I've fixed it. My Bad! LOL

  28. Such beautiful dishware! Her table is going to be gorgeous!!

  29. What beautiful dishes! How nice that you've passed your dishaholicness on to your daughter.
    Be a sweetie,

  30. Tablescaping is certainly contagious but what better fun then to share it with your daughter. The china is so pretty and the information was a nice addition to your post. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Hi Susan,

    I love all the pretty china you have shown us today.
    Beautiful and your daughter has wonderful taste.
    Look forward to see the Thanksgiving table.

    Happy weekend

  32. Love the pattern, she takes after her Mother! You taught her well! I still recovering on blogland just a little. Hope to be back soon.

  33. Breathtaking china. Thanks for sharing.

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