Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Thanksgiving Wish for You


I grew up in a time when variety shows were popular and never more popular than at holiday time.  I remember watching Perry Como as a child.  Perry was eighty one years old when this was recorded.  His song is my wish for each of you and your families.  Happy Thanksgiving!   Don’t forget to turn off the music in the playlist at the bottom!


  1. What a beautiful video! I wish you and your family a blessed holiday.

  2. Susan~~

    I just loved this!

    I hope you & your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  3. Ah, Perry Como. My parents had a double album of his greatest hits when I was growing up. Happy, cozy memories. Then someone sang me a comic version of Magic Moments and now I can't here the real version without laughing. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving! xx

  4. This video reminds me of how my father would pray over each new house we owned, even when we were first married and lived in an apartment. He would come and help us move in, or really supervise, then after most of the work was done, he would have us stand in a circle, hold hands and he would pray for our home and us. Such sweet memories. Thank you!

  5. I remember his shows well. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
    A little on the chilly side, but look at that beautiful blue sky this morning!

  6. Susan, I absolutely adore Perry Como. He's one of my all time favorite singers. My parents were huge fans, too.

    Sending you wishes for a very Happy Thanksgiving. May your day be filled with the blessings of family and friends and may your heart be filled with all the love it can hold. You are a blessing to many in the Land of Blog, and I'm thankful to have met you on my travels here!

    Happy, Happy Thanksgiving...


    Sheila :-)