Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Uptown Recycling and More


We finished the breakdown and cleanup up of the silent auction and luncheon I’ve been co-chairing about 3:00 on Monday. Bone tired but keyed up, I accepted when my daughter asked me to meet her at the new Anthropolgie store here. I love their clothes, but was blown away by the store decor! This is a light fixture made from cut and painted water bottles----You read right! It is in the large fitting room area and not for sale. The natural light in this former restaurant turned boutique showed off the colors gloriously!


It happened that the young girl helping us remembered me from my days of substitute teaching in high school (sometime this is good; sometimes it is bad :). She is working on her masters in art and had actually helped with the wine bottle chandelier! I hope this one is up securely! So when I got home I started looking at their lighting that is for sale. These struck my fancy.


I have always loved kitchen lamps. This “one lump or two” lamp would perfect in a white kitchen.


I can just imagine this “washed ashore” lamp in the beach house I don’t have :). It is made from all reclaimed wood. But the real beauty is this


Sheila—this one is for you! It is called the “magpie chandelier”. Crafted by hand of reclaimed materials, it sells for a paltry $4,800! No two are alike (I should think not!). Why is it that when they take the fat or sugar out something, it costs more? Why is that when something is made from recycled or reclaimed material it costs an arm and a leg?…..just wondering:) Now where would you hang it??

You bloggers are such a talented bunch. I have no doubt that I will see something similar that one of you has made…..soon :)


  1. So of the most unique items in a store, belong to the store! Sigh! Love all the images!


  2. Love the teacup lamp. I think it is just fabulous. Some of the others are interesting, I just don't know where in the world to hang them. Hugs, Marty

  3. Oh, Paula, over at "Sweet Pea" recently did a tutorial on making a wreath out of these Anthro inspired water bottle flowers! Cute!
    xoxo Pattie

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    My wreath doesn't look so hot now that I see the picture of the Anthro chandelier. Boy, that is something!

  5. Oh what interesting looking lamps! Thanks for sharing the wonderful photographs!

  6. Well, of course, I have made all of them with one hand while I made sugar art with the other! LOL
    They are amazing. I like my trash to treasures ready to go! LOL
    Glad the auction went well. I know you worked so hard!

  7. Great lighting! I had seen the hanging light at Anthropologie and I tried to make some flowers from old water bottles too. It's very easy but I'm sure time consuming painting and wiring and threading all togther. I wanted to see how difficult it was. I think it would even be cute smaller and without a light inside. Thanks for sharing! Donna...the 3rd sister

  8. Too many wonderful lighting options, not enough rooms in my home. I love them all!

  9. I have not been there yet, but hope to go in the near future. I would not want to be around if the bottle light came crashing down. :-)
    Another beautiful day!

  10. Dear One,
    Spring blessings to you!
    The Tea Cup one is fabulous...like it and wouldn't mind having one just like it!

    So good to hear from you the other day! Thank you for stopping by and saying hey.

    God bless you,
    d from HomeHaven in the middle of the Kansas Prairie

  11. All are lovely - every single one...

  12. The teapot lamp is perfection.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  13. I love the wine bottle chandy, wish I had room for something like that, it really makes a statement.

  14. What fun ideas to brighten the day and a room!

  15. Hi Susan,

    Love all the beautiful lights you have shared.
    As you say, lots of ideas for some crafty person to make.
    I do like it that these have been made from recycled and reclaimed material.


  16. Would you believe my step-daughter HAS that teacup lamp? Yep! I just recently ran across a blog with instructions on how to make the plastic bottle flowers that went into that first one. Easy-Peasy! I love creative genius...just don't have any myself. I only copy from the best. :D

    Thanks for sharing these interesting photos!

  17. Susan, this was such a fun post. I loved seeing this lighting. So unique! Love that "one lump" lamp! laurie

  18. Love that teacup lamp, although they were all very interesting. Your dinner also looked great.

  19. I love them all!

    Especially the last one.....watch out here I come!

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  20. Love your images. Thanks for the posting.

  21. Oh, Susan! I love the Magpie Chandelier! LOL!

    Thank you for thinking of me. Now, when can I expect it???



    Sheila... who is still MIA, up to my eyeballs in workmen but had to take a short break today! :-)

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