Friday, April 23, 2010

My Favorite Things….Three Generations in One Dress

My good friend Laurie at Bargain Hunting and Chatting with Laurie has a new party and I am joining for the first time. I honestly thought I had posted about this little dress before, but can’t seem to find it. If you’ve seen, bear with me while I stroll down memory lane.


Lately, I’ve been feeling a little nostalgic. Having lost both my parents, keepsakes have become very important to me. This is a picture I had put together for my father before he died. Three little girls….on front porches….in the same dress. I don’t have any idea how this tradition got started, but I am grateful for it.


That’s my mother around 1932 about age 3 in North Carolina—I’m not sure whose front porch.


There I am at about the same age on the front porch where I grew up---same dress.


There’s Sunshine. I took this in color and had it made into black and white to frame along side the other two. Three chubby-legged blondes on front porches :)


Here is the dress. You’d think the object of such documentation would be fancy…a christening gown…French hand sewing perhaps. Just a simple hand made everyday play dress. Still, it couldn’t be any more precious to me if it were made of fine imported lace. It’s tucked away in tissue and cedar…waiting on a fourth picture…maybe…one day.


Please join Laurie here for A Few of Her Favorite Things. I look forward to seeing yours!


  1. Laurie, priceless photographs! What a precious dress and you, adorable! Thanks for sharing, I so understand losing parents, I talked about my Dad in my blog today, lost him last April. Hard and sad time, I miss him terribly. Take care and really loved your trip down memory lane.


  2. I love this. I have a little sundress that my mother made & hand embroidered for me. My sister also wore it 8 yrs later. I will have to find the dress because I know I have it. Thanks for sparking a memory for me, too.

  3. Those photographs are so precious, Susan, priceless really! You all look so cute!...Christine

  4. What a special favorite thing. I probably won't get my favorite thing post done until tomorrow, but it will be nostalgic also. Love looking at old pictures.

  5. Adorable, precious pictures, Susan. It is amazing how much you three look alike!! And not just almost looks like the same little girl!!


  6. How sweet and wonderful to have that dress and those photos! I love traditions like this.

  7. I love all look so much alike! We had a picture taken of my son, age 2 in denim bibs with Mickey Mouse on the front playing in the fall leaves. Last fall we took his son, age 2 out into the leaves in the same little bibs (which no longer are very stylish). I had the pictures framed together for my son. Who knows, maybe there will be another generation in those pictures some day too.

    Your pictures are truly treasures, as is the dress.

  8. How sweet!!! Love all three pictures! You look especially adorable!

  9. Three darling little girls! You are so blessed to have those pictures and the sweet little dress. Touching post!

  10. Sweet memories and prescious pics! I just wish I had one dress from my childhood. That little dress is certainly a treasure.

  11. you're so lucky for having such treasures!

  12. How sweet. All our treasures are important for all the memories that they hold. I love your little dress.

  13. That is such a sweet post! I have been a bit nostalgic lately too! I am glad you have preserved that pretty little dress.

    Best wishes,

  14. An absolute treasure! And a beautiful gift to your father. Love it
    xoxo Pattie

  15. Just precious.. I have a pick of my Mom on an NC front porch in 1935 and it looks alot like your Mom's. You have them so well displayed..


  16. Oh Susan, what a treasure! Such a fabulous idea to have saved that dress and to start a tradition of photographing the girls in the familiy on a porch, wearing that dress. All three of you are such cuties! And what a great idea you had to frame them for your Dad. I hope you get a granddaughter soon, so you can add a fourth generation (a grandson wouldn't look very cute in the dress!). Thank you for linking this special post to Favorite Things. laurie

  17. What a wonderful treasure to have, and a great gift for your Father.
    How did you like the "fireworks" this morning?
    Enjoy your weekend.

  18. That is a treasure! What a wonderful memory!
    I saved a lot of my son's better things, dress coats, etc. Mu little gsons run in when they come announcing they have on Daddy's coat..makes my heart happy!
    I hope you saved some things to pass on!

  19. What a treasure. It is amazing how much all three little girls could be one. I am so glad you have your photo memories.

  20. I can't believe how much you look like your mum. At first I thought the first two pics were of the same girl, but NO. Your little one is very much like you both, but the first two pics could be of the same girl.
    What a lovely tradition. xx

  21. Hi Susan,

    What a sweet and precious dress and lovely photos of three gorgeous little girls wearing it.
    You all look so much alike, very cute.

    Happy weekend

  22. The photos, the memories, and that sweet little dress: all so precious!

  23. What you have is a TREASURE! I love this and wish that I had something like that. I have saved a few of my favorite dresses that my daughters' wore. Perhaps they can start their own tradition one day.


  24. I just love, love, love this! All 3 of you look so much alike! I have saved a dress from each of my 3 daughters and one day, hope to start a tradition like yours!

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