Monday, April 19, 2010

Stars, Idols, or Losers?

I have a dilemma on Tuesday nights and it seems to fit in perfectly with Tam at Gypsy’s Corner Three or More party on Tuesdays. I am torn about what to watch on television in real time. Should I go with my first love and watch this?45979

I missed the first season and have not missed one since. I like to say that I knew Carrie Underwood when


she was just a small town girl with a big voice hoping to stay on one more week. Who could have imagined this?

Academy of Country Music Awards

The big winner at the 2010 CMAs—Congratulations Carrie! Or should we watch this? Beloved like to switch back and forth during commercials and keeps the remote in a death grip :) . He really likes


A show that originally received a lot of criticism has turned out to be an inspiration for a lot of people battling weight loss and lifestyle changes. They work under the direction (slave-driving?) of


I like Jillian, but she scares me a little :) Or should we go for the ultimate reality show filled with reality stars dancing in a reality show?


Thank goodness for the dvr! In the end, I have to root on my favorites in real time and leave the rest for later.


I’m rooting for Crystal on American Idol. I love her voice, style, and humility. But a lot of people love this guy


I like him too; I just like Crystal more. Anyway that’s Three or More things that keep me busy on Tuesday night….until nine o’clock. Now should I watch “The Good Wife” or “Parenthood”? :)


Join Tam here for Three or More Tuesday!

What do you watch and who’s your favorite?


  1. Watch what you love the best! I had to laugh, it sounds EXACTLY like my hubby. He drives me crazy changing channels, sometimes I leave the room altogether. The funniest thing is that he often falls asleep with the remote in his hand and if I try to gently take it, he jerks himself awake and grabs onto it with a vengence! Men, whatcha gonna do with 'em?

  2. I watch Idol and I'm a Crystal fan also. I just check to see who gets kicked off of stars. Don't watch Biggest Losers. Then Parenthood and record The Good Wife. It's the worst/best night! LOL.

  3. I have to admit - I watch very little TV these days. If the TV is on, it is more for noise than anything else. I do try to catch the news - local(?) and national/world at least once a day. Carrie has come so far - sure hope she stays grounded. She has so much going for her.

  4. Oh, I love Crystal too! She is my hands down favorite to win. I only watch dancing now to see Evan, he's such a natural being a gold medal figure skating champion.

  5. I don't watch any of them..DH has the TV on in the den, and I am at the puter in the kitchen..
    He watches a lot of news/talk shows and yells at the TV! I will go in the bedroom soon and watch FOOD channel and get hungry! :)

  6. Yes, I think Crystal will win it. I also feel torn, and flip the remote back and forth to watch some of them all. Then it's The Good Wife, my favorite show. I won't even answer the phone when it's on.

  7. The only reality TV we watch is American Idol. Not even Canadian Idol though I live in Canada. There was a brief stint with So You Think You Can Dance Canada but that was only because I knew one of the contestants who eventually won. Yay Tara Jean.
    I am with you picking Crystal as the favorite.

  8. I am not a big reality tv watcher so my Tuesday nights are filled with GLEEEEEEE!

  9. Oh boy! I am missing a lot of fun TV shows. I have not watched any of them....Christine

  10. Believe it or not I don't have a live tv signal broadcasting into my home. I buy my favorite tv series in DVD sets..of course, I'm a season behind waiting for the next season to get on the DVD's but that's ok.

    I actually made this change almost a year ago..I can truly say I haven't missed the commercials at all! After watching DVD's that have no commercials I'd go crazy with them again.

    So some of my favorites are Brothers and Sisters, Desperate Housewives, House, Grey's Anatomy, NCSI, CSI: New York, Miami [all of them], Private Practice, Boston Legal [totally hilarious show] that's a sampling of what I enjoy!

    I'm sure you'll think I'm strange but I've NEVER watched American Idol...LOL Yep, call me's ok. :0) I listen to what people say about it but it's just not my cup of tea I guess.

    I'm visiting for Three or More Tuesday..would love to have you drop by when you have a chance.

    Have a wonderful day...

    Stephanie ♥

  11. Hi Susan,

    That is like over here, all the good programs seem to be on the same night and other nights there is nothing much. Yes, thank goodness for Skybox and the DVR.
    Enjoy your shows and week


  12. I'm with you -- I like Casey; but Crystal -- don't get me started; she's amazing. Love The Good Wife, but am waiting for new episodes. Another favorite is The Amazing Race; love the cowboys. Since you knew Carrie and she's an Oklahoman, maybe you also know that Jet and Cord are from Ada and Tupelo, Oklahoma. They seem like such sweet guys with great attitudes -- hope they win! Annie Joy

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