Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Tablescape “For the Birds”

I know we’re all hopping around like bunnies…preparing for Easter or celebrating Passover, making Easter baskets, cooking for family and friends, or maybe you’re packing to leave town…good for you :).  Join me, if you have a minute, for quick birthday luncheon.  I hope you won’t think it’s for the birds!


It’s informal, so we’ll be eating in the breakfast nook.  I know this is “rabbit season”, but this tureen and these colors were whispering in my ear….


The tureen and stargazer lily were in cahoots….”We belong together,” they said.  “How can you keep us apart?”


“Our innermost beings cry out for each other,” they pleaded.  And they were right.  Their hearts seemed like the perfect union.


They conspired with the folks at Pier One.  “Send her an email about the sale---she’ll see those perfect napkins”.  They brought the Target birds into the conspiracy.  You know the old saying—“Birds of a feather….”


Soon birds from all over the house were joining in….”We were meant to be….”. 


The word went out to Target.  “Put the cupcake kits rights up front….she’ll get the hint”.


You can’t fight mother nature…..some things are meant to be!

Tureen from the Lemon Chiffon collection by Tracy Porter

China-Big Lots Gibson

Salad bowls—“the other china”—melamine from China and Target

Flatware-First Love by Rogers

Napkins-Pier One (on sale now)! 

Crystal-from the grandmother with the “dish gene” :)

Join our gracious hostess Susan at Between Naps on the Porch.  Susan always has something special and a flock of particiapants!  Click on her button on the sidebar…and you’re there!


Have a joyous Easter!


  1. OMG! Love the tureen! just a lovely table
    xoxo pattie

  2. What a lovely tablescape. I love the colors and they do so say spring. The tureen and all the dishes are just gorgeous. Beautiful table. Hope you have a wonderful Easter. Hugs, Marty

  3. What a beautiful and colorful tablescape. Have a blessed Easter.

  4. Not just for the birds - it also fits the rainbow name of your blog!! Very springy and cheerful...

  5. What a beautiful table you put together my friend...I just loved seeing this...May you have a Blessed Easter...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  6. Beautiful tureen on a beautifully set table.

  7. Oh Susan it's so pretty! I love Tracy Porter! Everything is just perfect! Hope you got a chance to go down and see those eggs! I bought one! How can I pass up bunnies!! God Bless! Lauralu :)

  8. Gorgeous, I love the pretty colors. I really wish I had more dishes to play around with, I just never know what to buy!

  9. Lovely tablescape. Love all the birds and the colors. Wonderful!

  10. What a pretty "Spring" table setting. I have a Pier 1 gift card from Christmas that I need to use, but I am on a mission to clean out instead of add right now.
    Is this weather not absolutely gorgeous!?! :-D

  11. So VERY pretty and springy too!!:) Just a lovely tablescape. I am going to have to break down and get me some of those famous Target birdies-so cute!

    I love watching birds at my feeders so much.

    Happy Easter!!

    Linda C

  12. The table is perfect. I love the bird theme. Almost makes me want to have a birthday. Almost.

  13. Beautiful table and I love the vintage glassware!

  14. so beautiful, i LOVE your tureen, a knock out!

  15. Love your colorful table especially the Tracy Porter tureen.

  16. What a beautiful table you have set! The Cross at the end is GORGEOUS! Happy Easter!

  17. I just love the colors! Yes, I want some of those wonderful napkins! The soup tureen is so wonderful, and I just love star grazers! The smell divine! Your table is just so pretty! I love the birds!

  18. The whole setting is wonderful. It's such a lovely, fresh spring-like look (with a touch of the orient might I add). It's a pleasure to look at.
    Have a wonderful Easter. xx

  19. Your post is so cute, Susan! The table is perfect. The Tracy Porter tureen is so pretty and the whole table is so much fun...Christine

  20. Absolutely gorgeous! I love that tureen.

  21. What a pretty and colorful table you've set..

    Happy Easter

  22. Thats a very unique china. I like the creamy colours and the form of the tureen.

    Have a nice Eastertime,

  23. Very pretty, all that color is surely not for the birds but for our viewing pleasure!
    Great job, Happy Easter!

  24. Love the table setting its gorgeous!
    Thanks for coming by !!
    Happy Easter

  25. Such a pretty table, Susan! The tureen is gorgeous..what colors! I love the lilies.. just beautiful..
    A glorious Easter to you!

  26. Wow, Susan! This is so pretty. You have used one of my favorite flowers in your tablescape today. I bet the perfume from those lilies added an extra touch of Spring to your already beautiful table.

    I hope that you and your family enjoy the lovely Springtime weather and that you have a beautiful Easter weekend.

    Best wishes,

  27. These are such beautirul colors! I love how you've put this together -- what a wonderful tureen. Happy Easter!

  28. Hi Susan,

    I love your beautiful tablescape ~ the flowers and china and everything is perfect for Spring.
    Happy Easter to you and your family.


  29. Susan, your tablescape is like a painting. It's soft and fresh and pretty. The lilies really were meant for the tureen!

  30. I'm trying to slip back into Blogland while still in Florida helping with my mom. I'm slowly reading all the back posts. I love your tureen and the way this table came together. It is really pretty. I know what you mean when all those things just "call your name" and have to go home with you.

    I loved seeing all of your bunnies, love the wreath on the front door. That pizza looks delicious and I just had pizza for dinner. You and your daughter did a great job with the bedroom...she must be thrilled!


  31. So very sweet! These are some of my favorite colors. My kitchen was designed around my mom's Hull vases which are a buttery yellow and pinky peach! Isn't it fun to bring so many differnt items together and it look so good?? Hope you are having a grand week.

  32. That is a table to gladden the heart and make any guest feel welcome. It is really beautiful. A bit like an Impressionists painting. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

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