Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Multiplying Like Bunnies

Lynette over at Lynette’s L.A.M. blog is hosting an Easter Decor party. Lingering cool temperatures and nonstop work on a silent auction have almost let Easter slip up on me…but come on in….the bunnies are multiplying like…..well, like bunnies :)


Remember last year’s Pier One moss “bunny on a stick”? He’s hopped onto my spring wreath. He’s a versatile and compliant little bunny and sometimes hops from place to place as I need him :) .


The chest in the foyer, for me, is the essence of Easter. The Bradford pear trees are in full bloom here and the ground is covered in white again---this time in petals. The sage looking bunny with the big feet provides a bit of whimsy. The egg, a symbol of renewal, on the Arthur Court pedestal was a gift to me several years ago. I have since looked for more, but have never found one. The cross, which stays here year round, is at Easter a reminder of the Resurrection. Let’s go into the den. Caution: rabbits at play here :)


I am cursed with mantel issues—I have never (really, never) been pleased with the way it looks. Changing things around with a few of my favorite bunnies and some “faux” forysythia helps temporarily.


This is the hearth bunny. He likes this spot (luckily, because he weighs a ton :) and is not particular about his diet. He eats poinsettias at Christmas, ferns in the spring, and mums in the fall.


This little bunny, a Christmas gift, is making his debut this Easter. He is a McCarty bunny made by potters in Merigold MS. He still looks a little timid, but I’m sure he’ll be welcomed into the fold!


One more bunny to keep watch over the stargazer lilies---is there anything that smells better? For me, it’s a close call between these and gardenias.


Bunnies are running rampant in the kitchen too---one to watch over my morning tea kettle….


Smiling ones ones on the oven doors…


Crouching on the sideboard…..


Even a cute little girl bunny in her Easter frock to hand you some tulip soap in the powder room!

Thanks Lynette! I am joining Marty at A Stroll Thru Life for Tabletop Tuesday as well. If I don’t see you again…Have a happy and blessed Easter! Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. TOO CUTE! I really love your hearth bunny and that mantel looks just fine to me!
    xoxo Pattie

  2. Now that's alot of bunnies! You have some wonderful pieces...favorite is the hearth bunny! But also love the powder room little girl bunny with the soaps. Wonderful post!

  3. I love all your little bunnies. Just adorable.

  4. I love your bunny collecion, Susan!...Christine

  5. Love your bunnies and pretty vignettes. Great job on your wreath. I never did get mine made - maybe this week. I love the smell of stargazer lilies. Right now I am smelling the petunias I brought in for the night - time to put them back out in the sunshine.

  6. Hi Miss Susan! Everything is just so adorable! You know me I love bunnies!! I'm trying to get back into blogland again! I started my Etsy Shoppe! You have a wonderful Easter!
    God Bless, Lauralu :)

  7. Your cute bunnies everywhere made me smile!!!Happy Easter!

  8. Such a lovely post of Easter decor Susan. I think that the bunnies are all too cute.

  9. I thought I was the only one with a house full of bunnies. Fun post...love your bunnies.

  10. Glad you got to do some Easter..Very nice!
    Were your ears ringing??

  11. Hi sweetie, love all your Easter decor. Your bunnies are darling, they sure put a smile on my face.. hugs ~lynne~

  12. Love ALL your Easter decor! Where did you get your bunny watching over the teapot? Thanks for sharing all the sweetness.

  13. Wonderful Easter decor! You have some fabulous bunnies! My fav is the one in the kitchen watching over your teapot but love the way you described the one by your hearth and his diet! LOL! I enjoyed your vignette with the cross - always nice to have a reminder of the true reason for the season.


  14. I love your decorations. I have plenty of Easater decorations but am never quite sure how to decorate. You've made it look so simple and natural.

  15. Your bunnies are all lovely. I really like your wreath, it looks great.

  16. I love all your bunnies - but I think if I were forced to pick an all time fave - I'd have to go with your foyer! That whole vignette was simply gorgeous!
    Your mantel is stunning - love the rich colored tone of the wood!

    Thanks for joining me in my Easter Decor Day and Happy Easter to you and yours!

  17. I love it all! You and I have similar decorating styles!

  18. You have created such a lovely mantel with your exquisite bunnies Susan. I agree with you about the lilies too!

    Best Easter wishes,

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