Thursday, July 15, 2010

Food for Thought…The Gate House

gate house

The Gate House


First let me say two things: Number one, I am normally a Nelson Demille fan. And yes, that is two stars….and they’re pretty dim stars at that. And second, I have a personal rule about not abandoning books without reading to the end. This book made me wonder why I’d ever imposed that rule and who’d know if I broke it.


I’ve enjoyed several of Mr. Demille’s books. Plum Island and The Charm School are two of my favorites. This book is a sequel to Gold Coast written eighteen years ago. The characters themselves, especially John Sutter, are interesting and well developed. I enjoyed Sutter’s caustic wit and sarcasm for the first fifty pages. His “Dear Ms Post” letters actually had me laughing out loud. Then slowly I began to feel as if one of us had stayed too long at the party. John Sutter became the boor who told the same joke one too many times.


There’s not a lot of talk about food in this novel. There is lots of talk about money, and wills, and sex. There are pages and pages of deceit, revenge, and sex. There are chapters on mafia dons, mafia hits, and yes….mafia sex.


I don’t want to mislead you. This book is not 674 pages of sarcasm and sex. Sometimes it contains cocktails, sarcasm, and sex. Maybe it’s just me, but I found Susan Sutter’s appetites a little far-fetched even for a cheating, murdering heiress…but maybe that’s just me.


I’m joining Food for Thought on Saturday. Don’t worry. I read two books that I could not put down while I was at the beach. Next time you’ll see more stars…I promise! For more edible reviews click here!


  1. Well, you are just being honest! I have never read any of DeMille's book and I appreciate the review {and love your pictures}. I am exactly like you about reading til the last page. I buy my books so I don't want to waste money and I always try to think that the story will get better. I have also started a new policy. No buying books until I finish what I have!

    Funny post! ;-D


  2. Thanks for the review. I don't think I have read any of his books. I might try the one you said you really like if I find it in the thrift.

  3. Well, I'm glad this one wasn't on my reading list!

  4. Have never read any of his books, and this one does not sound like one I would be interested in. Thanks for the review.

  5. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for the review and isn't it awful when you do not really enjoy a book you are trying to get into.
    I have not read any books by Demille.

    Happy weekend

  6. I love these Food for Thought posts, and I love that you admit to hating a book. My daughter is in the middle of one that she swears she hates right now. Keeps throwing it across the room.

  7. Truthfulness in a review, is golden!

  8. Susan, I've got such a long list of books I want to read that this post thrilled me! I don't have to add another book to my list. However, your photographic staging is great! Love the silver tray on the bed with the silky nighty. I read to the end of a book, because I am so darn optimistic. I think if the author found a publisher, the book has to get better, so I plod through until the end to look for the "better" part. laurie

  9. "This book made me wonder why I’d ever imposed that rule and who’d know if I broke it." ~ I don't have the same discipline that you & Jain have I'm afraid...I'll abandon one in a heartbeat. I do hate it when you have an author you love and then you're disappointed, especially if it's 674 pages! I had read or listened Plum Island several years ago & really enjoyed it, so I'll take your recommendation and steer clear of this one.

    I love your clever touch of the lingerie on your martini glass tray :-)

  10. Sue, I too, loved Plum Island & The Charm School. How disappointing that this one didn't measure up to his usual standards.

    My new rule is "Life is too short to spend it doing anything that doesn't make your heart sing".

    Frees me to give up on a lousy book, not attending boring meetings & avoid certain family events without any guilt. :-)

    I must say, I love your pretty satin nightgown on the silver tray. The gun does add a little extra spice & your shot of the wine with the spaghetti looks tasty.

    I look forward to hearing about your other reads very soon.

  11. oh i am cracking up! this is sooooooooo me!

    I have a personal rule about not abandoning books without reading to the end. This book made me wonder why I’d ever imposed that rule and who’d know if I broke it.

    why do we torture ourselves for pleasure? its not like i stick to a diet, which face it i will most likely keel over from obesity, but i MUST finish a book i hate?!

    oh i am laughing again, i ventured away from food to share a journey, i was getting a little fearful you were going to share sex!

    love your martini shot and props, hey at least your got a nice plate of spaghetti between sex!

    thanks for playing, that was great, you just need a better book next time, nothing like a buzz kill with a bum book as we slog our way to the end ticked off we are wasting our time! hey, pass me the whine!

  12. Hmmm, we have talked about DeMille in an email I know. I used to love everything he wrote till I got to Lion's Game.
    I linked back to you a few posts ago.
    I got the plates to match your mugs last week at CTS!

  13. I had heard this from somone else. Gold Coast was a book I very much enjoyed, and still remember much of it. Sorry to hear that this one doesn't live up to the expectations of this author. Enjoyed your post though!
    I'm with Rett, I don't spend time on books that don't grab my attention.
    Thanks for sharing this review. Great job! ~ Sarah

  14. I am the same way with books. I simply must finish them, sure that somehow they will get better! The spaghetti looks wonderful and I love the drippy candle - haven't done that in years and I love the look.

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