Sunday, July 25, 2010

Camp Susu-part 1

I think I may have told you. I am once again at that awkward age. I don’t fit in with most of my friends….I’m in between. My children are grown and I have no grandchildren…yet. So every chance I get, I “borrow” children. Last month my four year old niece came for five days for what her mother lovingly calls Camp Susu.


We had outings planned and a full schedule for every day. We went to the spray park (is that a rainbow for me? :) and afterwards for cotton candy flavored ice cream (don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it :). We went to see Toy Story and we both loved it. We went to the Botanic Gardens.

CIMG2280-1We swam every day—such a good way to use up energy exercise :)! And to make sure that we would enjoy my favorite part of the day we made a trip to the library to stock up on books.

CIMG2298Robert Fulghum said “Think what a better world it would be if we all-the whole world-had cookies and milk every afternoon about three o’ clock and then lay down with our blankies for a nap”. His book Everything I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten has sage advice for all of us.


Almost every afternoon we shared a snack, a book, and a special quiet time together. CJ, the Build a Bear, likes to snuggle too, so we invited her. We read classics that I love like The Giving Tree and books that are new to me like the adorable Fancy Nancy series. Amid whispers, giggles, tickles and secrets, slowly…..ever.. so.. s l o w l y….. exhaustion took over and white blonde curls that smelled of Johnson and Johnson spilled across the pillow. We both drifted off to dream of another day……..Her mother has already applied for the Christmas vacation session of Camp Susu :)


I am joining Marty at A Stroll Thru Life for Tabletop Tuesday. Marty is constantly rearranging and adding to her tabletop decor in such lovely and creative ways. You can join her here. Thanks for hosting, Marty! Come back on Wednesday for more of our excursions at Camp Susu. On Thursday for Foodie Friday I’ll have the recipe for these delicious peanut butter filled cupcakes!!

Thanks for stopping by—don’t forget to say hello!


  1. What fun for your niece!! She will always have precious memories of her aunt!!

  2. I love that, borrow children. I am also 'in-between' so I understand. I want to come to Camp Susu!! She is a doll!!!

  3. Sign me up for Camp Susu too! Your days were filled with so much fun.
    I guess I'll be entering the in-between stage when Alex heads down to Ole Miss. He'll be leaving in less than a month! He's ready....I just don't know if I am!
    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  4. What a sweet and charming post. I think I could enjoy Camp Susu. Your niece is a budding beauty and in years to come you will both enjoy and have fond remembrances of "summer camp". I hope the day treats you well. Blessings...Mary

  5. You are such a sweet Auntie, I am sure your niece just loves her great time at Camp Susu!

    Have a happy Sunday!


  6. What a thoughtful Auntie you are! Camp Susu sounds like a triple win: mom enjoys a break, a sweet little blonde feels like a princess, and Aunt Susu gets to have some fun too. Can I sign up? Those afternoon snacks and a good book sound perfect! ~ Sarah

  7. Oh my -- I want to come to Camp Susu too! I know my world would be better with milk, cookies and a nap at 3!!!

  8. Um, am I too old to come to Camp Susu? I can be an aid, I've nearly completed my Assoc. degree and have lots of experience!!! The daily routine is a dream come true....sigh...

  9. You have more energy than I do, and you are making wonderful memories for your niece.

  10. That's so nice Susan!
    I am going to be a Grandma for the 1st time come October, and I can't wait. I have borrowed my niece Chloe too and it is fun to have a little one around. Your niece is just sooo cute!

  11. This is wonderful for you and for her mother! I have 2 little grandsons that I get to see about once a month or so. I'm a little lost with the very active boy stuff...I'd be much better with tea, cookies and books!

  12. Susan, what a great aunt you are! I had a wonderful aunt who did special things for me that my parents couldn't afford or didn't have the time to do! We loved going to Aunt Ionia's house...she was sooo much fun! I am sure your niece feels the same way about you! Joni

  13. Hi Susan,

    Sounds like the perfect holiday at Camp Susu.
    You niece is so sweet and loved the photos of the fun time you are both having.

    Happy week

  14. I have decided that I'm going to sign up as a camper for Camp Susu. Do you take old worn out campers??? I want to play in the sprinklers, go to the botanic garden, float on a raft, eat cookies and drink milk, and read THE GIVING TREE (a favorite of mine, too!). Where do I sign up, Susan???

    Your niece is a little doll. Her hair looks like the sun! What a cutie pie she is.

    Thank you for the well wishes. I am whipped. Long weekend. Sending you big hugs in return.


    Sheila :-)

  15. What a good aunt you are! I used to love spending time with my niece when she was little too. I would have enjoyed your outting, especially that snack part.

  16. I was an aunt before I was a mum. Had a really great time with my nephew - he got spoilt rotten! xx

  17. I think I'm pretty much where you are in life--grown children, no grandchildren. I just mentioned to my husband that I'd love to find a little girl to take to see "Ramona and Beezus"!! Maybe I can talk a few of my friends who are in the same "boat" into going with me.


  18. How sweet of you to spend time with your niece like that. I bet she will always have sweet memories of her time spent at Camp Susan's.

  19. Oh what a precious little girl and such fun she had. Don't you love it when you can spend time with the young ones. They are so much fun. I know she loves to come and visit. Your afternoon snack looks so good. Precious times and memories. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  20. What a wonderful time-I want to go to Camp Susu!!! It's so nice that you both had fun and look forward to the next time-enjoy!

  21. I know you two had a great time spending time together. This is a wonderful post!

  22. My kids are 21 and almost 18, I am a homeschool mom going through withdrawal .... I too don't fit in..many of my friends with kids the same age also have younger ones and we just don't fit in anymore..
    looks like you still manage to have a great time though!!

    Feel free to stop by asouthernbellewithnorthernroots.blogspot and see info on an upcoming link party called Storytellers, starting Sept. 1.

  23. I'm sending in my application for your camp!! I love the Fancy Nancy books too. Your sweet little niece is a lucky girl to have such a wonderful Auntie!!

    Susan and Bentley

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