Friday, October 16, 2009

Prayer of a Control Freak?

Periodically, during the day, I send up what I call "bullet prayers"....the ones I just "shoot" up there as the need arises or the thought occurs....concise and to-the-point prayers of intercession or gratitude.

So that is what I did when I heard the plight of a six year old Colorado boy believed to be floating alone over Colorado in his family's homemade balloon. "Lord," I prayed, "let this boy be safe. Protect him. Amen". I "shot" that prayer right up there.

So, several hours later when I heard that he had been found unharmed and hiding in the attic, I was relieved. But it did not take long for that relief to turn to indignation--I, along with the rest of the world had been scammed. I felt I had wasted a perfectly good prayer on a publicity stunt. I wondered what this world is coming to. It took a while....I got the answer to my question. My prayer was answered. I just didn't get to control the circumstances. So I "shot" another one up there. "Thank you God for mischievous little boys in attics and the lesson. Amen".


  1. I send up bullet prayers all day too. And did for that little boy. Was kind of disgusted when I thought it might be a publicity stunt. Thanks for putting it in perspective for me!


  2. True words of wisdom here-thank you. Have a wonderful weekend, NM.

  3. Thanks for stopping by and for your insightful comments here today. I'm glad to have you visit. The RSVP thing really gets me too.

  4. I thought the exact same thing Susan. I was a little relieved when they interivewed the little boy on the news, and he told about hiding from his daddy, because he was afraid he was going to get blamed for releasing the balloon. This was such a strange story, but I am relieved that all turned out well. I really like the way you write. You worded this post so well. laurie

  5. I love the idea of "bullet prayers." I do that so often and now I have a word for it!

  6. Hi Susan!
    "Bullet prayers" are wonderful aren't they?
    Love how you illustrated the value of each one.
    Thanks so much for sharing this ongoing communication with our God.


    ~Let FREEDOM Ring!~

  7. Thanks for the name of what I do also - "bullet prayers". I like that name.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Great post. I have my doubts about what occurred, but I don't like myself for being that way. So I am sending up a bullet that I can be a little more patient and forgiving!


  9. I still do not quite understand what happened with the balloon and the little boy. Many unquestions questions which unfortunately cost a great of money and put other at risk!

  10. I think there were alot of "bullet" prayers being sent yesterday afternoon. I can understand the boy being afraid but I think there is more to this story we haven't heard. Someone said they had been on the TV show "Wife Swap" and some interesting things had developed from that also!

  11. I can accept what happened as long as the parents didn't put him up to it. At least he is safe :)

  12. Hi Susan! I love the name 'bullet' prayers. I do that too and have my license! :) Isn't this someting? I watched this family today on GMA and I just don't what I think! I do think there's some deception in there. God will deal with them.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. Hey Susan~ Ever since menopause hit, my bullet prayers are sent up through a machine gun.
    Relief can't come fast enough! I think chocolate is gods answer to prayer, it covers so many bases!

    Sweet wishes,

  14. I've never thought of calling it a bullet prayer! Can you believe I was totally unaware of what was happening as I was out all day. Came home and saw the incredible footage of that flying balloon and its possible cargo. OMG! I sent up a bullet prayer too! The next thing I knew they had found the little boy in the attic. Whether or not it was a hoax I am thankful the little dickens is safe and sound!

    Have a great weekend, Susan!


  15. Love the term "bullet prayer."

    I'm glad the little guy is safe; I hope he wasn't used by his parents as part of a publicity stunt, and that he was just hiding because he was scared. Kids do things like that!

  16. Just stopping in to say goodbye as I go to surgery and YOU Know this is my song too! My hubby thinks I have it playing when I on your site. lol I think I will stay and just listen to it! Wish I had it to take to the hospital with me when everyone is home.

  17. I love your phrase bullet prayer!! I will have to borrow that if you don't mind. :)

  18. Hi, Susan, I think we were all praying for that little boy when we heard. I'm just SO relieved he's okay. Now, he needs to learn that he's accountable for his actions. LOL!


    Sheila :-)

  19. Hi Susan,

    When I heard this on the news, I said a little prayer too. So glad that he was safe.
    Kids can be mischievous and I think they will have learned a big lesson.

    Happy week

  20. I prayed too, and sat glued to the TV.
    I, too, am happy he is safe, but I resent the anxiety his family caused me, and I am sure many others.
    I guess we should pray his parents learn how to be responsible parents and not use their children
    for financial gain.
    Lord hear our prayer!

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