Friday, October 2, 2009

Pink Saturday....October Means Pink

Fall is officially here and lots of us are experiencing glorious crisp mornings and nights. Our thoughts start turning to golds, oranges, and browns...but October means it's time to start thinking pink!

October is officially breast cancer awareness month. I lost my own mother to breast cancer when she was only fifty eight years old, so mammograms are something I am passionate about. I made my own yearly appointment last week. Do I enjoy them?...noooo. Do I have them done? bet your ta tas! So look at your calendar. Is it time for your appointment? Think pink in October!

You can ride pink


Carry pink


Drive pink


Wear pink

Eat pink

You can even laugh about pink!

Just think pink and make your appointment!

Beverly at How Sweet the Sound is hosting another Pink Saturday! Click here and join her and other ladies who love pink! And while you are browsing, why don't you take time to visit a new you've never been to before...they may just the pink you are looking for!


  1. Funny post about serious business...thank you, Susan!!


  2. Good for you, Susan. I had to postpone my last appointment three weeks ago. I will call Monday to reschedule. I go to the MD Anderson Women's Wellness Clinic in Houston. They're great!
    My DIL just had a huge scare. Had several large tumors removed from both breasts but got the news yesterday that all were benign! Thank God!!
    Thinkin' Pink!
    Ladybug Creek

  3. I just recently had my mammogram - thanks for the reminder of how imporotant this is.

  4. Great post - Very serious business. I get mine done. I was out and about today and remembered I took pics. of the G.Town Horses last year and have one of the Pink Horse with the pink tennis shoes. :-)
    Went to the Pink Palace Craft Fair today - Unplanned trip and did not have on walking shoes!!!! :( Now have my feet up, a glass of wine and may have to take advil later! :-)
    Have a great weekend.

  5. So sorry about your mom, Susan. So young! And I am glad you get regular mammos. I just got mine done 2 months ago. Just like you I have a big family history of cancer. It's a dreadful desease...Christine

  6. Hi Susan,

    Lots of lovely pinkness you have shared with us today.
    So sorry to hear that you lost your Mother, when she was so young.
    Yes, having a mammogram is not very nice but so very important to have them.
    Many thanks for visiting me today.

    Happy weekend

  7. Happy Pink Saturday!
    Lovely pink post!

  8. Love the post! Going October 14th.

    Happy Pink Saturday!


  9. I have my reminder slip right by the phone. Your post is the next push to get it done.
    Thanks for taking something serious and making it fun.

  10. Good morning Susan....

    First I want to say I'm so sorry about your mother. We've just GOT to find the cure. She was a year younger than I am now....I lost my Mum too. I miss her so.

    Your post was the CUTEST thing ever. What great planning, and an awesome reminder. I just had mine done...that is just yukky, isn't it? PANCAKES!


  11. Winter is just around the corner in my neck of the woods so Pink Saturday is even more meaningful for me because I won't see my garden bloom again until at least May of next year!

    Thanks so much for your participation this week. It brightened my day☺

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend filled with happiness surrounded by those you love.

  12. Thanks so much for the reminder. I hope you are having a wonderful Pink Saturday.

  13. Hi Susan. Thank you for stopping by. I am glad you like the name of my blog. I started my blog with the intent of it being relevant to many of us. What better way than to title it with something that I know everyone has probably heard growing up. I hope it would bring fond memories. I love to sew, so I know all about the "Good Scissors".

    I have been very lax lately in my posts. I work full-time outside the home and I have been so very busy sewing, getting ready for the Holiday Craft Shows that are coming up.

  14. Great pink pics! Love your music of my favorites. :) HPS!

  15. OK, that horse is just great, you can't beat the pink shoes, can you, made me laugh, keep fighting the fight, we will win in the end, I have no doubt, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  16. Thank you for visiting me today!!

    What a great post!!! Love it!!! Yep, I get my ta-ta's squeezed flat as a pancake, LOL, every June!

    HaPpY PiNk SaTuRdAy!


  17. I'm so sorry to hear about your sweet mother. I also lost my aunt ~ diagnosed at 42, gone at 52. Beautiful post that should reach many!

    Happy PINK Saturday!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  18. Hi Susan...Thanks for the reminder. It is time for mine, also. I also lost my mom to cancer, though of another kind. I am seeing more and more "pinkness" this time around. Even our county's daily newspaper was printed on pink paper on October 1st...a new one for me! I scrolled down and loved your cookbook post! Yes, I call that tablescaping of the finest kind! I LOVED the photo in the cotton unusual! Happy weekend...Debbie

  19. Fabulous post....I love all your pinks.
    I have to smile though because Beverly still has me on the list and I haven't been playing for months now.
    But I am so glad you stopped by.
    I love your music list as well.....I'm sitting here humming along
    Have a beautiful Sunday.

  20. Susan, I totally feel for you in your lost, although I have not been personally touched by breast cancer, I did have a mini scare a few years ago. Lately I was clear, but it is all to clear to me how important it is to get yourself checked, and checked early!

  21. Right on Sista! We've gotta keep those appointments!

    Thanks for all of your wonderful pink reminders!


  22. Hi Susan, a great post! As a breast cancer survivor myself, thanks for getting the reminder out about getting your yearly mamo.

    Enjoyed your visit over at the Bhive! Isn't Debbie fabulous?

    Have a great Sunday,


    PS - Stoned Soul Picnic??? My gosh I haven't heard that one in years!

  23. Hi Susan,
    Every two years, without fail. You're right it's not pleasant but that's not why we do it right? We do it because it's important for each and every one of us to stay well.
    Love all your pink by the way, especially that handbag, just gorgeous!

  24. Love all your PINKS. Thanks for visiting me. I also adore your damask background. happy month of pink.

  25. This is SO important for women. So thanks for bringing it to our attention. I had my last one months ago. I don't know my family history, so even more important to have the mammograms. Pretty pinks!

  26. Yes, you are entered in my giveaway!
    That is from my son's favorite book when he was a little guy.

  27. It's great that bloggers are spreading the word about Breast Cancer Awareness Month :-)

    All my dad's siblings and his mom had cancer -- only his mom survived. She lived into her early 90s.

    Cancer touches everyone in some way -- whether it's breast cancer or another form of cancer. We need to find a cure!!


  28. Oooooh I like all your PINK items!!!