Wednesday, May 13, 2009

38th Tablescape Thursday....A Mother's Day Brunch

Susan at Between Naps on the Porch has invited us all over to her place for a fun day of sharing tablescapes. I'm not sure that what I am going to share with you is so much a tablescape as a table that just happened at my house this past weekend! I may have mentioned (LOL) that our daughter is getting married. This past Saturday night a lovely Mexican feast was held in the bride and groom's honor. So, Beloved's entire family descended (ummm, I mean came for a visit)! They all live several hours away as does the groom's family so I hosted a Mother's Day brunch for seventeen!

I decided to serve buffet-style from the dining room table with a mix of pewter, silver, and informal dinnerware. I love these glass plates I purchased several years ago from Old Time Pottery. They cost less than one dollar apiece so I have lots of them! The best thing about them is that they go right into the dishwasher! This picture is from the night before the brunch. I always set the buffet early with sticky notes labeling what is served where. The flowers are sunflowers and pink daisies from Costco and Kroger in three small candle containers from Dollar Tree. The silverware, just my everyday, is in a pewter vase lined with a pink bandana.

I am lucky to have gotten any of these pictures!! With 17 people things got a little wild. This is the menu for the day:
Fresh Fruit

Spiral-sliced Glazed ham

Miniature Buttermilk biscuits

Sausage and Egg Casserole

Paula Deen's French Toast Casserole

Cinnamon Cream Cheese Roll ups

Cheese Grits

Homemade Sugar Cookies

This adorable pink dessert stand is my new favorite serving piece!! It is made out of metal flower petals and complete with bugs on top.. It's perfect for spring cookies or cupcakes! I decided to try my hand at butterfly cookies!

These cute little cookies were pink, yellow, and green to match the color scheme of the flowers and napkins!

Did I mention the importance of color coordinating your pet's wardrobe to the color scheme of the festivities? No, Jessie was just all dressed up for Mother's Day and wanted to meet you! Hope you all had a Mother's Day filled with the people you love. Thanks for letting me share mine. Now join Susan and LOTS of others at


  1. Looks like a wonderful day! Happy Tablescape Thursday ~ Susan

  2. Wow, that's a lot of work. YOur tablesetting is just gorgeous and the menu is wonderful. All of the dishes and serving pieces especially the flower petal serving stand are just gorgeous. What a great event. Hugs, Marty

  3. Buffet style was definitely the way to go with 17 people!!! I love your little flower tiered stand, so unique and adorable!

  4. I hope someone shared a goodie with little Jessie:) The cookies are so cute and the serving piece is so cute with the flower and petals.

  5. you have a gorgeous dining table and your cookie tray is so festive!

  6. I'm so impressed that you cooked for 17 AND took pictures too! What a cute pup and your party!

  7. Yummm! Those cookies look tasty! I like your cookie stand, very cute!

  8. Everything looks so beautiful! - right down to the doggy!:)

    Bless your heart- 17 for Mothers Day.

    So smart to have buffet:)

    Linda C

  9. Yummy! Yummy! Yummy! AND it looks gorgeous to boot~!

  10. I love the glass plates too! Every time I have a get together I think how I wish I had a set of those! Someday! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Everything is so adorable and the food looks so yummy!...Christine

  12. That menu makes me hungry ! 17 people - wow....Your puppy is a cutie ! I love how ou displayed everything too.

    Hugs ~ Kammy

  13. Everything is so beautiful and what a menu - love PD's french toast casserole!!
    Jessie is just too cute.
    Can't wait to see photos of the wedding this summer!

  14. What a fun table! I wish I was part of the seventeen, love those cookies!

  15. Yummmies on your table! Jessie is ADORABLE!!!

  16. Beautiful spread! I commend you for taking on such a large task on Mother's Day. You need some serious pampering for that! Jessie is so cute!

  17. My it all looks so wonderful and your menu is fabulous.

    Have a beautiful day.

  18. Susan, that dessert server is just the cutest thing, and I love that tray that your ham is on. I know it was a lot of work, but I'm sure it created a wonderful memory for everyone.
    Yes, I got your note last night, and I responded via Blogger. Check your spam if you didn't get my message. Today, when I click on your name, your profile doesn't come up for me to go straight to your blog. I know it usually does. Did you change something? I am SO excited about Kris! laurie

  19., you had a tall order for Mother's Day! It looks like you pulled it off in style...and with a yummie menu!
    That dessert server is so cute...wherever did you find it?
    I hope you got some help with all the clean up...afterall, it was Mother's Day and you are a Mother! ;-D

  20. Oh what a pretty dining room, and a wonderful buffet! And of course it is absolutely imperative to match the doggie scarf to the setting! ;)

  21. Great job for seventeen people! Love your dessert stand and those butterfly cookies are way cute.

    I enjoyed seeing your pretty tablescape.

  22. Hey Susan! I love your dining room! Everything looks beautiful! Those cookies are precious! That menu looks yummy! I haven't made those cinnamon roll-ups in years! I've got to get out more!!!!! Love Ya! Lauralu:)
    (taking my sister to Old Time Pottery today!, She lives in Fresno and is in town visiting!)

  23. Wow. I LOVE that dessert server! Very different! It sounds like you all had a wonderful day! And Jessie - well she was just the Piece de resistance!
    (have no clue if I spelled that right - but you know what I mean!)
    Have a great day! Karen

  24. Great table of yummy food and tower of sweet treats.
    Come by and see how we did Mother's day at Rock Candy.

    Cute Pup too,

  25. Sounds like a yummy buffet. I wish I could reach right inside my screen and get a piece of that ham! The dessert server is to die for. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Jessie is so adorable :-). WOW you had a busy time, your table and menu look and sound delicious and your dessert stand is the prettiest one I have seen, many congrats to your daughter too, Happy Thursday, Kathy.

  27. Your little doggie is the cutest!! Your tablescape is great, I love that big daisy server with the butterfly cookies!


  28. Thanks for stopping by earlier!!! What a wonderful is my favorite way to entertain!!!

    Your little puppy is so precious!!! Did you see my little Cooper on my sidebar? Don't you just love these adorable dogs?!!!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!!!

    P.S. I became a follower of your blog...I look forward to many more visits!!!