Thursday, April 8, 2010

One Smart Cookie

Actually this post is about more than one smart cookie. First, there is my good friend who gave me this lovely pink (there it is Beverly!) tiered dessert stand last year. She’s the smart cookie who combined my love for cooking, entertaining, and gardening to come up with the perfect gift! CIMG1574

It is the very definition of “whimsical”—fanciful, amusing, and unexpected!


What could be better than a spring bee made from a spring? :) Who knew scrap metal could be so cute? But I am a smart cookie too—Each Easter I make an elaborate dessert. Each Easter I end up with most of it left over. Everyone is too full for dessert. This year I made sugar cookies! Just the right amount for a full tummy with a sweet tooth :)


Lately, I‘ve become smitten by decorated cookies and cupcakes. I made butterflies and crosses for dessert. What could be more appropriate for Easter?—both symbolic of hope and change. I am experimenting with glazes and icings—still learning. I recommend making the cookies on one day and decorating the next. Of course, I did not follow my own advice :). This is the easy recipe I used to glaze the cookies.

Vanilla Glaze

Stir together one (16 0z.) package of powdered sugar with six tablespoons of water. Make sure you get the lumps out! Tint, as desired, with food coloring or paste. I used Durkee neon colors.

---Oh dear, how embarrassing…..does this count as a recipe? :) Just dip the cookie into the glaze with a heavy hand. Allow to drip and harden on a wire rack. Lick fingers as needed. You may add any extra frosting when the cookie glaze has hardened.

I am linking to Foodie Friday with our hostess Michael Lee West. Don’t worry, dear hostess, this is not a real frosting and no one was harmed in the production :) Click on her button for transportation! I am linking to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for Pink Saturday. Thanks ladies!

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  1. I love your spring desert tray! Those cookies look yummy and I must say that frosting sounds like something I could do so yes it counts as a recipe!!

  2. Hi Susan...

    My friend, that has got to be the cutest dessert server that I've ever seen! I just adore those pretty pink petals around the plates!!! Ohhh...and your cookies turned out sooo pretty! Everything looks soooo Springy!!! Love it, my friend!

    Thank you so much for coming by and leaving such a sweet note on the post about my grandson Seth...sure do appreciate your prayers, Darlin'!!! They mean the world to me!!! Thank you!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  3. The tiered server is too cute and perfect for your sugar cookies. They are so colorful. The glaze is perfect. Thanks for the recipe, Susan!


  4. Susan, you master chef! Those cookies look like they were made by a professional! What a cute server that is. I want one! laurie

  5. Susan, I LOVE that sercer!! How cool is that! I've been doing a lot of cupcake and cookie desserts lately too- seems to be a trend as people are asking for them
    xoxo Pattie

  6. That is a unique and perfect tiered stand for you! I love all things butterfly and these cookies are so sweet! Thanks so much for sharing this post - I love it!

  7. That is definitely a conversation piece, and you really chose just the right little sweets to serve after a big meal. I love iced cookies!

  8. Susan,
    I love the tiered tray and the butterfly cookies! They are so cute and whimsical.
    Thank you for posting Enchanted Makoevers on your sidebar. Terry does a good job running the non-profit. I volunteered on a project last year and met some great people. They do nice work.

  9. Susan, This recipe could not have come at a better time! I am hosting a bridal shower for my daughters best friend and she she asked me to make the hand cookies with a diamond ring on them that I made for my daughter's shower. I hated making them. They were certainly a labor of love. I made royal icing and had such a time spreading peach colored icing on the hands. Now I am trying your dipping method. Thank goodness!
    YOur tiered cookie stand is so fun and whimsical. And you made cookies to match!

  10. Love your dessert tier and your cookies and how easy is that to dip the cookies! Joni

  11. Adorable stand and cookies. I used the edible markers for the first time...a gift from a sweet blogger friend..
    Have a great weekend..the auction over?

  12. I love the stand. Its such a fun piece! The cookies look delicious!

  13. So nice, I love the butterfly cookies on this darling stand.

  14. Beautiful cookies and perfect stand for an extra elegant presentation!

  15. Hi Susan,

    How wonderful the tiered cake plate is, I especially love the spring bee, how clever.
    Also love the look of the sugar cookies.

    Have a happy weekend

  16. Hello Susan ~I've truly missed my visits, but little by little I'm catching up.
    Although last month was difficult with our loses a new month has brought new hope.
    I poured myself a cup of tea and read a spell...
    This is a wonderfully whimsical tiered stand.
    The bee and petal details are so charming.
    a perfect spot for butterfly cookies.

    I'm so excited to see spring blooms popping up. I look forward to applying the inspirational palette of colors into a few DIY decorations and gifts, with a little baking/cooking in between.
    Don't you love the aroma that fills the air during this season?
    It's definitely invigorating.

    Sweet wishes,

  17. I am yet to master the art of cookie making! How do you do it!?

    I can't believe how many people make gorgeous cookies in the blogging world...I hope some of their talent will rub off onto me soon!

    Best wishes,

  18. Hi Susan! Oh, I love this post. First of all the cookie tier is amazing and so cute and I love the idea of cookies for dessert! I could eat a dozen! Your little butterfly cookies are adorable.
    Happy Pinkness of Saturday!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  19. the cookie looks delicious! your cookie tier is so cute. Happy Pink Saturday!

  20. I just love the cookies! Your so close send me a batch! They would make my day! lol Now I just love the tier flower stand and your friend! Think that would get me a Tier Flower Stand also? lol

  21. We both had cookies on our minds, Susan! I did crosses, too but I didn't dip. Maybe next time.
    I ♥ that unique stand...what an awesome gift!

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