Thursday, April 15, 2010

And the Recipe Goes Round and Round

I try to make it point never to miss a post of Food with Style by once in a blue moon.   I know I can count on finding recipes or beautiful images I might have missed myself.  Last week I bookmarked a tiramisu parfait recipe.  It was originally posted by Sabrina at Delicious Inspiration.  You can find the original recipe by clicking on the link.  


The “baby’s” girlfriend’s father (are you following?) was in town on business and she wanted us to meet him…. a dinner invitation seemed to be in order.  Since tiramisu is her favorite dessert, I immediately thought of Sabrina’s recipe. 


So Beloved threw steaks on the grill—always a winner if your guest is not a vegetarian.


I made twice-baked potatoes and a Caesar salad.


The weather was so nice; we had dessert on the deck.


This recipe included rum extract.  Next time I think I will try amaretto or brandy instead.  I was able to find the mascarpone.  At $4.99, it’s a little expensive and sometimes hard to find, but it was heavenly.  If you can’t find it, here’s my plan B  backup recipe.  The texture will be a little different, but still good.

Mascarpone Substitute

Whip together 8 ounces of cream cheese, 1/4 cup heavy cream and 2 1/2 tablespoons sour cream  Do not substitute the low fat versions!

I am joining Michael Lee West for my favorite thing on Friday---Foodie Friday.  Click on her button on my sidebar for immediate transportation!  Happy reading, cooking and eating!


  1. Susan, Tiramisu is one of my Mom's favorites. I'm printing this out to try as sometimes a whole cake is simply too much for them. Thank you!!
    xoxo Pattie

  2. Everything looks so yummy, Susan. I usually do French toast in a frying pan over the stove but the casserole idea looks much easier!

    Have a great day, Bonnie

  3. Lovely! I'm a G.R.I.T. too. Now I live in the Chicago area. Big difference but I manage to maintain my "southernness" by returning as often as possible.


  4. Those potatoes are making my mouth water; they look even better (to me) than the dessert! I love my carbs! The tiramisu with amaretto sounds like it would be a winner, too!

  5. Looks like a great sure know how to make someone feel wanted!
    The tiramisu looks fabulous - will have to try that for my sister, it's her favorite also.

  6. Everything looks wonderful. I want to make the tiramisu parfaits. Your twice baked potatoes look so pretty. I have not been pleased with my results making them but love to eat them.

    I know your guest and family enjoyed dinner very much.

  7. Oh your post sure has the yumness factor going on! Thanks for your very sweet visit. You asked about my napkin rings -- they're china bows already tied up perfectly! Fun to use.

  8. Now that is pure delight! I would love to be your guest!


  9. thank you for sharing food with style, and WOW did that come out delish! i always see dessert first, but dang that whole dinner looks great, i am so hungry right now! thanks for sharing, i will be adding your dessert for sure!

  10. My kind of meal!!! However, after the steak, potato & salad there would be no room for dessert! :-)
    Another beautiful day !!!! Have a great weekend.

  11. I love a good steak, and I sure wouldn't turn down those delicious looking potatoes either.
    Thanks so much for the great mascapone substitute recipe. I usually have those things on hand, and when I make a recipe that calls for mascapone I won't always have to make a trip to the grocery store. Wonderful post.

  12. It all looks delicious, Susan! That cheese is expensive, we have it though..maybe it's a Northern thing, LOL!

  13. Oh my how can I be hungry at almost 11pm? Everything looks wonderful. Do you share your recipes? I'd love the one for the twice baked potatoes!


  14. What a beautiful dinner, Susan. A steak cooked on the grill is a rare treat here and twice baked potatoes are my favorite. Thanks for the mascarpone substitute. I'll definitely use that soon.

  15. Hi Susan...

    Ohhh...your dinner sounds fabulous, my friend! I must admit that I have never had tiramisu parfait and it sounds heavenly! It sure looks beautiful in those tall parfait glasses! Ohhh...and I love your pretty yellow tulips!!! I'm sure that your guests had the best time and really enjoyed their meal!!!

    Thank you so much for coming by and taking a peek at my "Springtime" tablescape...enjoyed our visit and your sweet note, my friend! Thank you!!!

    Have a fabulous Friday!
    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  16. Your whole meal looks delish! But that desert is killer!


  17. Everything looks so yummy, Susan! You are such a good homebody....Christine

  18. Lucky, lucky guests! This looks delicious! laurie

  19. That looks delicious. I think the amaretto sounds good.

  20. Those potatoes look so yummy and how pretty your dessert looks...I know it's delicious too!

  21. Oh my goodness that dessert looks DIVINE!!

    I thought you might like to know that I've started a Messy Monday link party and would love for you to join! Come check it out at

  22. dear susan thank you so for seeking me out, after my absence.
    my sil committed suicide...and i found her...thus, my deep depression and withdrawal...taking a bit of time off~in prayer. miss you too.
    ms muse

  23. Oh my goodness. this is making my mouth water. I love the parfait glasses!! Thank you for sharing such a great menu with us!

  24. Yum! We were just talking about having a good steak! I may just have to recreate this menu. :-)