Sunday, September 13, 2009

Metamorphosis Monday....A Tale of Three Doors

Susan At Between Naps on the Porch has invited us once again to share our changes large and small for Metamorphosis Monday. My changes involve the front door--the first thing you see when you go to anybody's house. I think it such an important first impression. So often we are so busy making sure the inside of the house is just right when we entertain, we forget to check the front door! You may remember Sunshine, our daughter, got married in June (as if I hadn't told you :). She moved into a darling bungalow style house the groom bought last year. To say that it was in dire need of a woman's touch is a vast understatement. Last week we made sure the entrance said "welcome".

I started out with this door pocket I picked up out of the trash while I was helping a friend move. Not very interesting at this point, but free and full of possibilities. I thought I might try something new and found a hammered- finish spray paint by Rust-Oleum. I thought a little texture might dress up their black door. After a trip to Garden Ridge during one their 50% off sales, I set to work. I just picked up fall colors and make sure to include different textures. I like grasses in arrangements. Beloved is a hunter and I always make him save pheasant feathers from his yearly pheasant hunting trip.

I think it's a good size for this door and doesn' t block the light coming into the room. Yep, I think the front door could use painting too--kept my mouth shut. I'm working really hard at this "letting go and being a good mother in law" thing :)

The next door starts out with the basic cheap and on sale grapevine wreath. I am giving a baby shower next Sunday and this wreath will be on my front door to welcome guests. After the shower, I will give it to the mom-to-be for her own front door for after the little one arrives.

I made the ribbon and attached things from the dollar store with a hot glue gun. The ribbon and theme are continued in the foyer in a cloche I posted here. It's so nice when you have the luxury of knowing the sex of the anticipated bundle of joy!

Finally, My front door--again. Remember above I said sometimes we forget to look at our front door through the eyes of visitors? After all, we seldom use them ourselves. I am guilty of this in a big way! When we bought the house, the landscaping was good for the most part. However, shrubs grow while your're not paying attention.

Before I knew it, the entry looked like this! Overgrown and unattractive! These were extremely difficult to prune and hiding my front door. I thought they might have to stay because they would be so hard to remove. Beloved didn't think it would be a problem-----

He sent someone right out! (that is actually a tree being removed, but the same big yellow whatchamacallit removed the shrubs too). I love this man, but I did not marry him because he knew his way around a hardware store or heavy machinery :)--no problem, same result!

This weekend we finally planted two much smaller American boxwoods and trimmed the nandina--huge change! I really think most of us could improve the curb appeal of our houses simply by PRUNING. In this case, at least, I think less was definitely more!

I confesss--I bought this wreath (1/2 price) and just added the pheasant feathers :) I was a little tired! Thanks for "coming to my door". Click on the butterfly button and you'll be back on Susan's doorstep!

I am also linking this to the DIY Showoff--Click here for more ideas!


  1. As a guy, a big yellow whatchamacallit brings tears to my eyes. I think bushes are the perfect size for about a season and a half. Folks have waited so long for them to grow, they just don't have the heart to prune them.

  2. Susan, thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment.. I love your front door ideas and your wreaths. The shower wreath is a really great idea, I have to remember that one. Also am loving the feathers you tucked into that one wreath, they look awesome in there. looking forward to exploring your blog. Marla

  3. I really like the door pocket for your 'kids'. Maybe your good taste will get them moving, know what I mean!!

    You are so right about a little bit of pruning. Sometimes I have to take my eyes off the road a second to see how bad my yard is! lol!!

    The pheasant feathers are neat. And you can always change them out for...what's next??

    Have a great week, Susan. BTW, I LOVE your new blog look!!! :-)


  4. Hi Susan,

    Love the arrangement for your kids, that looks so inviting. The baby shower wreath is cute and what a great idea.
    Also I love how your house has been opened up with the removal of the big trees.
    the pheasant feathers give your wreath a lovely touch.

    Enjoy your week

  5. Hi! Your door pocket was a successful rescue! I love the copper color and it looks beautiful on your door and that fall wreath with the feathers - beautiful! I also bought similar ones with the pheasant feathers already inserted...I love them!

    Your baby shower wreath is such a cute idea too!

    Thank so much for participating in and linking to the Fall Festival!


  6. Oh, those are some beautiful wreaths!!! They totally say "Fall" to me!!!

  7. Cute baby wreath! LOVE the tin with foilage!

  8. Love the pocket for your daughter..made a huge difference. The baby wreath is just too cute..I'm sure the mom-to-be will enjoy it also.
    Your front door is very inviting!! Great post...

  9. I love them all! You are very creative and your home is gorgeous to boot! Cindy

  10. The new wreath is just gorgeous and really enhances your front door!

    Unfortunately, I had more tools then my husband did when we were married! LOL! Oh well, you can't be good at everything!


  11. Looks so beautiful! Love the baby wreath. What a great idea! Enjoy your day. Your landscaping looks lovely!

  12. First of all - I like your new blog look. You did a great job on the pocket makeover and wreaths. I especially like the fall one with the feathers. Your home is beautiful!
    Have a great week.

  13. Great ideas! I saw another one on another blog. I've really got to try this! Your's are beautiful!

  14. Hi Susan...

    Really enjoyed all of your crafting projects, my friend! The wall/door pocket turned out beautifully...Oooh, and I love those pretty pheasant feathers!!! I just told my honey he needs to get me some! hehe! Anyway...I bet your daughter was thrilled...the colors are so pretty against the black door!!! Love your baby shower wreath too...what a cute way to welcome the shower guests into your home!!!

    My friend, your home is simply gorgeous!!! Love all that pretty red brick...and the black door!!! Your autumn wreath is gorgeous and I think that adding the pheasant feathers gave it the perfect touch!!! Thanks for sharing all of your pretties with us today...

    Warmest wishes,

  15. Love the wall/door pocket! You did a beautiful job with it! And adding the feathers to that wreath just makes it!

  16. Susan my friend, what a talent you have. These wreaths are beautiful. I laughed at the mother in law comment. Truer words were never spoken in that department! Your home is so lovely. Yes, pruning is a huge part of Florida gardening. Things spring up overnight it seems. I presently have a bougainvillea that is trying to get in the front door!

  17. what an exellent baby shower idea.
    you should sumit it to spearmint or design dazzle!

  18. Susan,
    Thanks for visiting and your wonderful comments. I have to say the Baby Show wreath is such a great ideal, your front door wreath is also brethtaking, your lucky dear one likes to hunt and bring them to you, I jsut bought some couldn't believe the price.

  19. Adding your pheasant feathers MADE that store-bought wreath. It looks gorgeous. Your spray-painted pocket is so cute. Love all the color and "fallness." That is the new bloggy-land word!
    I love fall, don't you? The yard looks good now. Gotta have some respect for those gargantuan pieces of equipment! LOL
    :-) Sue

  20. The last wreath is gorgeous and so welcoming! The wreath for the baby shower is perfect! What a great idea.
    ♥, Susan

  21. Thanks for stopping in....great door pocket and decor. I LOVE using feathers ! I have recently used them at the top of my Christmas tree and love them!

  22. Hi again! Just saw your comment about the Halloween tree and how many coats of paint. I am giggling, you are girl with the same heart, I already thought I would paint it white or silver for Christmas :)

  23. Lovely wreaths! Your front porch is amazing!
    Hugs, Lisa

  24. Hi Susan!!

    Love your wreaths!!

    And there is more to a great designer than color selection.....heart and soul.... sounds like Antonio has it!

    love, kelee

  25. That last wreath is beautiful!

    Sanding your table won't be that bad, it just gets monotonous. Give it a try!

  26. I am so late in making all the rounds to see what everyone has done, but I am finally getting to it. I love all the wreaths. The baby one is so cute. Your new landscaping and your front door wreath is just gorgeous. I love all the pretty berries and the feathers. Just gorgeous. I am also grabbing your button right now. Hugs, Marty

  27. Much nicer front entrance. Mine needs some work! I love the thingy you hung on the door in the top picture--that came out beautiful!!

  28. It looks wonderful...I love it all...

  29. I hope you will post to my Celebrate the Holidays party on Wed.

    I hope you will come by for a visit.

    Its So Very Cheri

  30. I absolutely love the bed room decoration photo the one with "lime green" paint on the wall and black or dark brown bed frames. Awesome