Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Just Ducky Baby Shower

This is the baby shower that almost wasn't. For days now the mother to be has been threatening to go into labor about a month early, one of the hostesses (me!) got sick, and the weather could not have been more uncooperative. In short, I thought the chances of this baby shower happening with success were slim and none. Fortunately, on Sunday afternoon everything turned out just ducky!

Welcome! You may remember I posted here about making a wreath using the yellow and blue theme to use on my door for the shower. I gave the wreath to our guest of honor after the shower to use at home on her door. I temporarily replaced the ferns in my urns :) with yellow mums. But come on inside...before you get wet.

Last week when Marty at A Stroll Through Life had her party, I made a "test cloche" for the shower. I used silver keepsakes from my own children (because they have left it all here!) and yellow roses in the foyer. One thing I did learn. If you plan to use live flowers in a cloche for a special event, do not cover with the cloche until right before the event is to take place. It tends to form moisture. I don't know why and don't need to know. I am not the Alton Brown of cloches or baby showers. :)

We'll stack the gifts in this antique crib. I came home with this from an estate sale a while back much to the horror of Beloved and my children. There were no hidden messages in the purchase. I have always wanted one and this one was a good price. I do hope to one day use it for more than stacking gifts :)

I arranged yellow roses in this darling wicker bassinet I bought online. The shoes belong to Sunshine's godchild and have votive holders filled with roses. I really think old scuffed high tops would have been better, but I could not locate a pair.

The shower was an all girl tea-like affair, so we served dainty finger foods, cake, and punch. The cake, which anchored one end of the table, was a precious three dimensional duck made by a local school teacher who bakes on the side.

We served punch from my grandmother's cut glass punch bowl on the other end of the table. I am happy to have any excuse to use this bowl. It was my paternal grandmother who first taught me to appreciate pretty china and crystal. She'd be glad to see it welcoming a new baby.

We served a variety of finger sandwiches--tomato basil, chicken salad, and cucumber spread. Pastry cups were filled with shrimp salad. There was a cheese tray with grapes with crystallized sugar.

We served strawberries filled with cream cheese icing.

My daughter wanted to serve the strawberries on her Annieglass cake pedestal. It was a recent wedding gift and she was anxious to use it....another generation to appreciate pretty china and crystal :).

I cut the bread for the cucumber sandwiches with a duck cookie cutter. The recipe which is always a hit with both men and women was in one of my very first posts. You can find it here.

Finally, as the guest were leaving we gave them an edible favor. I had these at a baby shower last year and have been waiting for the chance to use the idea.

The "pacifier" is made of Lifesavers and jellybeans "glued" together with icing! I found enough blue and yellow jelly beans in one bag to continue the color scheme of the shower.

I used a tube of white icing. First spread icing inside and slightly around the hole of one Lifesaver. Attach another Lifesaver perpendicular with the edge of the second Lifesaver. Allow these to dry. Then fill the center of the first Lifesaver with icing and insert the jellybean in the color of your choice. Allow to dry. I attached the curling ribbon just for more color.

The shower was a success and the guest of honor is ready any time the little one decides to make his appearance. Susan will be showing you gorgeous tables for Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch. Just click on her button to join her. On Friday click Michael's Foodie Friday button to join her at Designs by Gollum for lots of food fun! Thanks for joining us at our party!


  1. You are so talented. Everything is picture perfect. I love your grandmother's punch bowl especially. Best wishes to the new parents to be!

  2. Oh this looks delightful -- a lovely occasion! Just "Ducky" -- loved the ducks in the punch bowl too - nice touch.

  3. Hi Susan,
    That looks so pretty! The cake is wonderful..and all your special touches just lovely.
    I have a wicker basket like that..I lost one of the wheels when we moved, and I have been trying to figure out how to make one...let me know if you have any ideas! :)
    Beautiful shower!

  4. that was adorable! the cake and punch, oh so cute!

  5. I love your grandmother's punch bowl with the little ducks swimmimg around in the punch...Cute Cute Cute...

  6. Love the ducky cake and the ducks floting on the ponch bowl.

  7. Oh, the shower was just perfect! Everything is so sweet! That cake! Oh, my! Your touches are just wonderful. I'll tell you why your cloche got moisture under it. That's what they were originally made for - a little terrarium to hold the moisten in for seedlings! Then they caught in the decorating world. That's your tiny lesson for today! :)
    I'm sure the mother to be was just thrilled to death with her shower. You were so nice to be such a wonderful hostess.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Wow, what a lucky mom! So many wonderful touches. I think my favorite is the duckies in the punch. You are a wonderful hostess to do all of these lovely things!


  9. SO Cute! I love the picture of the antique punch bowl with the little duckies swimming in it! Saving your cucumber sandwich recipe also! Everything is just perfect!!!!:D Jewel

  10. Oh Susan, what a fun, and beautiful.. and delicious-looking post!! I got a real kick out of the rubber duckies swimming in the punch bowl! I'll have to remember that!.. Thank you for sharing how to make the pacifier favors too! Happy Tablescape Thursday to you! ~tina

  11. What a creative & unique table for a baby shower!

    LOVE the ducks in the punchbowl...I must make note of that one for future reference.
    All your platters & trays are just beautiful. I'm glad all your hard work wasn't ruined & that the Mommy-to-be was able to attend.


  12. OH! What great ideas you have for a baby shower! Love everything! The cake is so so cute, the lifesaver favors, and ducks in the punch bowl! Just adorable!

  13. Delightful! I love doing baby showers, since you can do it with a bit of humor. Just the right amount.
    Beckie in TN

  14. Oh I love this!!! Love, love, love it.
    So darling.
    The antique baby crib/bed won my heart when I saw it.
    All the sweet things you did to make this Baby Shower was outstanding.

  15. Your shower was just ducky. How appropriate with all the rain we've been having. I need to know the name of the lady who made that cake. Does she live anywhere near Memphis or Germantown area? It was sooo cute! You carried out the theme perfectly.

  16. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful shower. I love baby showers and yours is so special. You did so much to add special touches ... love all the ducks ... especially the ones floating in the punch!

  17. Oh Susan, how pretty the shower was. I'm so glad the expectant mother didn't go into labor, and so glad you got over your crud. So many wonderful ideas at this party. Those lifesaver pacifiers are just the cutest thing! So cute to put flowers in the little baby shoes, and I love the rubber duckies floating in the punch. That cake is amazing, and all of the food looks scrumptuous. I enjoyed seeing all of this so much. laurie

  18. Everything you did for the shower is picture perfect. I must admit my favorite was the ducks floating in the punch bowl. That was just too cute for words. The pacifier was another one that grabbed my attention. You are very creative. This was a wonderful shower. I hope you are having a great day.

  19. So many great ideas for decorations and food! Your table looked so pretty and the food delicious! What a nice touch to make even your front door fit the theme!


  20. What fun and that cake is amazing!

  21. Thanks for sharing all these great ideas for a baby shower. I'm going to file these away. The rubber duckies in the punch bowl is so clever! Glad the shower happened and that you shared it with all of us. Beautiful table with so many pretty serving pieces and lovely food. ~ Sarah

  22. Hi Susan
    It's nice to meet you. Thanks for leaving a comment. Everything about the shower looks beautiful. The table full of food is so pretty and I love the life lifesaver pacifiers! So cute!
    Hugs, Rhondi

  23. Hi Susan! You went all out for this baby shower and it was all worth the effort. Everything is so beautiful. I am glad the mom to be did not go into early labor or she would have missed this beauty. The cake is so pretty and I am lusting for those strawberries in the pretty container right now. All the ducks are so cute. You know your front door looks exactly like ours. I have an over production of basil in my vegetable garden. They have spread outside the raised garden as well and are all over. I also have tomatoes, lots of different kinds of peppers, lavender, cilantro and curry herbs, eggplants and broccoli....Christine

  24. Hello Susan,

    What a lovely baby shower. Love the duck theme!

    Thank you for sharing!

    ~ Tracy

  25. Thanks for stopping by little blog. I loved the shower. I felt like I was there. You did a great job. I love the wreath idea.

  26. Glad everything worked out. The decorations and food look great - you did a wonderful job.
    I am so ready for some days of sunshine!

  27. I bet the mom-to-be was lovely. I love all the little details you provided.

  28. How cute! Back when I was having baby showers, we didn't have anything remotely this elegant. Of course that was nearly 31 and 35 years ago!

  29. YUM... I have my plate in hand... I want one of EVERYTHING please!

  30. This was just delightful! I LOVED the ducks in the punch bowl! lol! You make me want to host a baby shower! (Hope you don't mind, I've bookmarked this post)

  31. What fun! You achieved a perfect balance of elegant sophistication, wit, charm, and whimsy! My eye was instantly drawn to your grandmother's beautiful punch bowl, and I laughed out loud at your family's reaction to the antique crib's appearance! ;)

    Bye for now,

  32. Wow, what a neat shower! You did a great job with it, and those cucumber spread sandwiches sound divine.

  33. Thank you for dropping by my blog and enjoying my "Lovely Tablescape!"
    I wish someone would have a baby for me!! Guess I'll have to wait for my granddaughter to have one. She's only 18, so I hope it's a while yet!

    I loved the rubber duckies floating in the beautiful punch bowl.

  34. That cake it too cute and so are the ducks in the punch bowl. So, what are your monkeys' names ? lol

  35. Oh, this was darling! It should be in a magazine. I love everything about it, from the baby shoe planters to the wreaths to the cloche to your delicious finger foods. I had those same duckies (mine lit up) and sent them home with Miss Annabel.

  36. Hi Susan!
    THANK YOU sooo much for visiting my place and for the button help! I am now proudly displaying your button and sooo look forward to participating.
    This baby shower...WOW...WOW...WOW! Absolutely priceless. LOVE the crib,duckie cake,duckies in punch,pacifiers and shaped cucumber sandwiches. Maybe you'll share the recipes in a post??
    Awesome job on the WHOLE affair. Thank you for sharing with us. Hugs, Vicci

  37. The duckies in the punch are adorable. Also love the small crib..I would have bought it too!

  38. The best part are the ducks in the punch bowl! Looks like an amazing shower!

  39. I love this idea for a baby shower. I like the cake and the ducks in the punch. THANKS!!! for sharing such GREAT!!! ideas. Geri

  40. What a gorgeous table! Great idea for a baby shower! I love those little pacifiers! Thanks for sharing.

  41. So many great ideas here and everything looked amazing. How nice you have such special pieces to use on the table.

  42. The mother-to-be is a very lucky lady to have such an adorable shower! Great ideas!

  43. You did a remarkeble job of the themed babyshower! I especially like the pacifiers you made and the little ducks in the punch! What a great idea.You have given me lots of idea's for future childrens party's.

  44. I love the cake and punch bowl. Very nice.

  45. First, what a gorgeous table for the shower! The food looks so beautifully made and meticulously garnished -- you must truly adore the mom-to-be to produce this "labor of love."

    Also, I must admire the antique cradle, the color is particularly charming.

  46. You have come up with so many really cute good ideas. I love the cake, the little ducks floating in the punch and the pacifier favors. Now, I just need to wait for a friend to get pregnant. lol

  47. I am so glad that everything came together! You have so many incredible ideas! I am book marking this, so I can reference it before I throw my next shower.

  48. Such a elegant shower --everything just looks lovely.
    @cooking with vickie

  49. The spread looks beautiful. How lucky the soon to be mama is to have you throwing her such a wonderful party!!!!! Do you have a recipe for the strawberry filling?

  50. What an adorable baby shower!! Everything looks so elegant, but not stuffy! Love it!

  51. First of all, I love your blue door! Lovely with the yellow flowers. The party looks like it was a real success. Love the duckies in the punch the best! Thanks The mother-to-be is a lucky one.

  52. Hi Susan,

    What a gorgeous baby shower, everything looks so pretty.
    I love the rubber duckies in the punch bowl and the food and flowers looks amazing.
    I love the cake too and the little favor to take home, what a cute idea.

    Enjoy your weekend

  53. Wow, everything about this shower was absolutely wonderful. I bet the mother-to-be loved it all. That cake was adorable as well as the ducks in the punch bowl (too cute!!) and the pacifier favors. What great ideas! You're a great party giver!!

  54. really did a great job. Everything was wonderful. Loved the favors:)

  55. Susan,
    I'm glad I dropped by this party looks fantastic! Your table is wonderful, and there are many good ideas here. Love the crib for gifts, and thanks for the tip on flowers in the cloche. Going back to take another look, those strawberries look scrumptious, yummy!

  56. Wow, Susan, I love all of your ideas. You are really creative!! I'm planning a shower right now, so I could use a little inspiration. Thanks! :-)

  57. Susan,I have an Award for your wonderful blog! Come on over to GrannyMountain...

  58. What a darling baby shower!! You had so many talented people (besides yourself) to help you!
    Glad it was a success!
    How lovely that your daughter loves 'heirlooms' too! :-)
    Have a wonderful day!

  59. What a beautiful job!!! I love everything! I love how pretty you set the food up on the table and the delicate sandwiches and the strawberries!!! Love the ducks in the punch, EVERYTHING is so pretty!

    The new mom sounds like me. The weekend of my baby shower I was in the hospital already holding my daughter. She was 6 weeks early and the shower was rescheduled! But that was okay, she was the special guest of honor!

    Great job!

  60. Hello Susan ~I've just strolled into your blog after a summer long blogcation...I've soo enjoyed taking a peek at several of your past posts.
    As summer comes to a close...there's one thought that can cheer me up and it's the anticipation of Fall with all the autumnal colors....providing creative inspiration as you have in so many of your settings. I think the individual flower vase for a seating card was such a versatile idea that I will definitely be using throughout the various seasons.

    The duckie baby shower with ALL the lovely!! I've made pacifiers for many showers over the years...but the trickiest was a sending 80 through the mail. Luckily the post office respected the fragile stickers I wallpapered the box with. I've also inserted a scroll (into the lifesaver) with a printed note (of thanks) or nursery poem.

    I've enjoyed catching up. Please stop by...I look forward to the return of your company.
    Sweet wishes,

  61. Susan - this has to be the cutest and most adorable baby shower I have ever seen. Everything is perfection and I'm sure the Momma -to-be was so appreciative!
    I'm sure you will be and have been asked to host MANY have a special gift in putting everything together!

  62. What an adorable shower. I posted about a baby shower on my blog too. (we also used a lot of rubber duckies)

    Thanks for stopping over and commenting! I really appreciate it. Love your blog!


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