Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tailgating…An Old Family (wink) Recipe


September at our house means football and tailgating. For me there is almost nothing better than watching the Ole Miss Rebels or the Pride of the South marching band take the field….almost nothing.


But tailgating in the Grove might be even better. Ask anybody who has ever visited the Grove. Tailgating here has been elevated to an art form—a feast for both the eyes and the palate. I posted last year about the elaborate tablescapes here.


But with busier fall schedules and more demands on time, most of us don’t always have time to concoct a specialty. Here’s where the old family recipe comes in.


You remember the lovely York family? And who could forget those pillars of society the Pillsburys! They’ve loaned us a secret family recipe! I’ll tell you if you promise not to tell anyone else.


Okay, slowly now….Bake the brownies according to directions. During the last three- five minutes of baking remove the pan from the oven and cover with a layer of York peppermint patties. Return to oven to melt. When patties are melted, remove from oven. Swirl with a spatula or knife to blend flavors. Allow to cool and harden before cutting.


People will ask for the recipe. Just tell them it’s an old family recipe and smile. Please join Michael Lee West for Foodie Friday by clicking on the button on the sidebar!

Thanks for stopping by. Grab a brownie and leave me note :) And good luck to your team this weekend….unless you root for Tulane or the MN Vikings :)


  1. These look yummy, Susan. Believe it or not, I haven't been to a football game since high school and then I had to go since I was a pom pom girl! Notre Dame is 30 minutes from the lakehouse and I have never been to a game. Some would think I'm nuts! But you have fun! ;-D


  2. We are related! Both on the York and Pillsbury side. And, we are both from the southern part of both families I believe. Which one of the viewers are you? You should have drawn a circle around yourself in the bleachers (um, are they called bleachers?)!!

    I've never been to an Ole Miss game but I've been to Ole Miss. There is/was a wonderful book store that we visited. We also visited William Faulkner's home. I felt that I was in the presence of "The Muse".

    May the best team(s) win!


  3. Those look scrumptious! What a great recipe. I used to have a brownie recipe that included Almond Joys...I wonder where that went.

  4. Those ole families were so kind to share their families recipies with you! I am so glad you passed them on to us! I will be making these this weekend.. Go Gators!

  5. Oh my!! I was not hungry until I saw those and I have not had dinner yet (late lunch). Sounds like something "my gang" would like - thanks for the recipe. I use to go to the football games for the social side of it all (know nothing about the game) and we will NOT talk about how many years ago that has been. :-D
    Enjoy your evening!

  6. Hi Miss Susan! OMG! Here I am trying to be serious about losing weight and you do this to me! I also got your eggplant recipe! I missed something...what's the meat sauce?
    I miss you! Didn't you love the cool weather we had? I finally got out to do some well overdue yardwork! God Bless! Lauralu :)

  7. They look delicious! I don't follow football, I am forced to hear it , but don't have any interest in it. The last football game I went to was at Holy Cross when my son went to college there. I think we missed the games and just tailgated the whole time! :)
    Have fun!

  8. Oh how fun, love the tailgating and the old family recipe:@)

  9. No kidding? I wonder if this would work with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups...uh and Snickers...and Almond Joy. This may be my favorite recipe!!

  10. Hi Susan,

    Glad that you could share the old family recipe, they are the best. These look yummy and thanks for the brownie.
    Have a wonderful weekend and good luck for your team!


  11. Oh seriously, isn't it funny how the simple things are the best! yum! guess what I am making?

  12. Dearest Susan,

    I've always been quite fond of the Pillsburys, and I find the Yorks to be absolutely delightful! Thank you for bringing them together for us!

    The eggplant appetizer sounded amazing, and I loved your "Down to the Sea" table (obviously I'm playing catch up here!).

    Hope you and yours have a great weekend!

    Warmest regards,

  13. Oh, those do look good. My mother saw these on your blog yesterday, I guess. she was telling me she saw them on one of the blogs I follow. I will give these a try.

  14. Oh boy does this look good! What time is desert? :)

  15. Hi Susan! Oh, that sounds like fun and yummilicious!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. Forget the football, I'll take the brownie any day!

  17. That looks yummy! Thanks for giving away the family secrets.

  18. I don't care much for football and think that the tailgating is the best part of the season. Using peppermint patties to frost brownies is a fantastic idea. Yum.

  19. This looks so good, Susan. It's prefect for dessert too cause it will have that mint after dinner taste....Christine

  20. Hi Susan, what an easy and brilliant idea for brownies. Excuse me while I dash off to the store! Looks like a fun game btw!


  21. ummmm - I may have to add this to my "Old Family" recipes -- we're going to a tailgating affair soon.

  22. Well, our team the GA Bulldogs lost on Saturday to the Carolina Gamecocks. We are a "border town" as our town sits on the Savannah River, the border between GA and it was quite an intense game! Anywho, these little brownies would have been perfect for the tailgating.:o) I'll certainly add your old family recipe to my repertoire of recipes!
    Have a wonderful week and thanks so much for stopping by my blog.
    The Tattered Tassel

  23. This sounds so yummy! I'm definitely giving your 'secret' recipe a try. Thank so much for sharing itand for stopping by my post. Come visit any time! Cherry Kay

  24. Susan, what an easy way to impress people with your cooking skills! I'll be giving this recipe a try. I suspect it's going to become one of our "secret" family recipes too! I'm sorry you've been sick. Glad you are doing better. laurie

  25. Hi Susan - you're too funny. What a great brownie idea... I'm sure it will be a hit at church.

    Thanks for visiting. To answer your question, I weighed my cupcake batter with a digital scale. We perfectionistic bakers have to weigh everything. Can't do anything the easy way.


    PS - tailgating is almost as much fun as sitting in the bleachers watching the game!

  26. YUMMY! that looks easy and very good indeed!

  27. We must have been separated at birth -- my Mama gave me the same recipe only we use the brownie recipe from that fine old family, the Duncan Hines-es.

    Adding those York patties elevates the humble brownie to dizzying heights of goodness. Now, I should share the family brownie recipe from my husband's side, using something yummy from that fine old Reese's Peanut Butter family!

    Enjoy the tailgating.
    What fun.

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