Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Over the Rainbow….The Tablescape

This tablescape started innocently enough. I found napkins on sale at Steinmart. I was drawn to the colors I love in all the shades of the rainbow. Pink and peach. Blue and turquoise. Sunny yellow and yellow the color of butter. Green and kiwi. Cream and white… the shades of the rainbow as one color slowly blends into the next one.


There was no way I could choose just one color to work with. So I didn’t….choose, that is :)


I decided to pull out all the stops and use all the colors. Almost all the flowers in my yard have withered from heat. But we can still have spring on the table and in our hearts!


I found these at a thrift store. Now, I must tell you. I am not a good thrifter. The shops are too far from my house and countless trips of coming home empty handed have made me cynical. But I saw these and loved the color. I turned them over.


Can you see it? I have not mastered the art of photographing words yet. It says HEREND Village Pottery. The date is 1993. The best I can guess from my research is that this was made at one time by THE Herend. The yellow pattern reminds me of the Herend I am more familiar with.


The signature fish scale design on the bunny is very similar to the border of the plate. Regardless of their heritage, I loved the plates and they came home with me. If anyone has any information about Herend Village Pottery, I’d love to hear it!


It was a perfect chance to layer color over color…like the rainbow.


I used the delicate crystal etched in flowers. The crystal echoes the clear cube vase of the centerpiece and the staggered wine glasses holding floating votives.


The napkins work well with the stainless steel napkin rings I spray painted in Monday’s post. The color is perfect for these napkins, but will be cute as the “whimsical green” for Christmas.


I used the vintage silver plate flatware First Love by Rogers.


I used casual green flatware above the plate for dessert. One of my very favorite tablescapers oftens adds a second pattern here.


Carolyn Roehm’s book is full of beautiful pictures, recipes, and inspiration!


A breath of spring in the heat of summer


Birds fly over the rainbow….. true….


But Dorothy was right. There’s no place like home :)

Join Susan for Tablescape Thursday by clicking on the TT button on the sidebar! Thanks Susan!

I so appreciate your visit! Please take a minute and say hello!~~Susan


  1. Susan, I'm checking in from the middle of my blog break to say, "Hi"! Lots going on here that is demanding my time, but I'm taking some time to visit folks today and tomorrow. SO glad I dropped in because I love your table. You did a great job on it, and the plates are super!

    Hope you are having a great summer. I hope to be blogging with you again in a few weeks. Enjoy the rest of the lazy, hazy days till the fun of fall starts!


    Sheila :-)

  2. Those napkins are wonderful and so many colors can be used with them. I love the plates you found and the layers. Beautiful table.

  3. Susan, I love this. What a refreshing and just plain PRETTY table!
    xoxo Pattie

  4. I love this table, everything about it is so summery. The napkins are gorgeous! The salad plates are really pretty. It is my understanding that Herend Veillage Pottery is not associated with "the" Herend porcelain maker.

  5. How Pretty! Your table setting has a "cool and fresh" look - really like the result.
    Have a great evening!

  6. So very pretty Susan! I love the rainbow of colors!
    Oh, and you asked about the baby shower favors and diaper cake. There is a link on my blog post(the one below the current one) that will take you to the blog that had a great tutorial. I think they are in July.

  7. I find your tablescape absolutely refreshing! It's 93 degrees here and I could use a fresh breeze.


  8. Oh I love it! So glad you used so many colors! You chose just the right ones too! It is very pretty!

  9. You did a fantastic job, it's all come together beautifully!

  10. When I saw the festive green painted napkin rings the other day, I hoped that they would be a part of a tablescape. Glad they were! I would have been very drawn to those napkins too. The colors are stunning. Love them!

    The whole table is just lovely! I would very much enjoy that book if it's the inspiration for such beautiful work.

  11. It looks so summery, Susan! I love all those colors together.
    I have that book too!
    Try using the macro setting for the words. It usually works!
    Lovely table my dear!

  12. Love the colors .. don't you love the inspiration that comes from table linens? Great mix!

  13. The plates are very pretty, Susan, I love the colors and you can't go wrong with Herend. The napkins are so pretty and colorful....Christine

  14. So pretty! I love your new napkins and your table is just lovely!:)

    Thanks for sharing this beauty.

    Linda C

  15. Whimsical and wonderful...I love all the colors. Carolyne Roehm is my tablescape muse, too. Thank you for sharing your charming design

  16. Great find. All i know is that Herend Village pottery comes from Hungary. so basically no help. I love how it all came together. It's charming.

  17. Beautiful table from napkins to dishes! Love the yellow of the Herend village. I think they were definitely a great find! ~ Sarah

  18. Susan! Like we so often do... I have the tablecloth to your napkins. I did a tablescape called Midsummer's Tablescape and use many bright colors too. Can you imagine if we combined forces to do a table! What we could come up with.
    Your table is bright and sunny and fun! I LOVE the centerpiece. So masterfully done, my friend!

  19. Those gorgeous napkins sparked a wonderful table, didn't they? I love the layered plates and especially the flowers anchored in fresh fruit!

  20. I love your new napkins, they are so colorful and pretty-enjoy!

  21. It was worth waiting for! I love how you pulled in all the colors. It is fresh and elegant, yet fun! Just perfect!

  22. Oh my goodness -- what wonderful colors. Your table is just delightful. I love those gorgeous napkins and how you've picked up all those colors! Amazing! Thanks for your very sweet visit.

  23. Your tablescape could be an addition to that book! I really like all the colours you used and the centerpiece with the whole fruit and flowers looks great! What a great thrifty find in those plates!


  24. Susan, I love it! All of the colors of the rainbow brought together in perfect harmony! Those thrifted plates are wonderful - what a sharp eye you had that day! Your painted napkin rings are perfect with those beautiful napkins. laurie

  25. How PRETTY!!! Your new napkins are sensational & I, too, wouldn't have been able to pick out just one color from them. I'm impressed with your lime green painted napkin rings & I can just see them on a fun Christmas tablescape!! Thinking Grinch here. ;-)

    Thanks for that shot of Carolyne Roehm's book. I have just requested it from our library.

    I'm sorry to hear your tomatoes didn't fare well. I would gladly share if you were closer! We've got plenty...I'm still picking & cooking some each day. Whew!

  26. Hi Susan! I'm new here and love your gorgeous blog! You have made it so cozy with lots of beautiful things to look at. Your tablescape is fantastic with all the color of the rainbow and perfect for summer! Way to go!

  27. Hi - I just want to let you know about Herend Village Pottery. It was, in fact, imported by Herend USA, until about 6 years ago. It is no longer imported here, although you can sometimes find it at replacement services. Good luck!

  28. Oh, my goodness. I just came across you blog and LOVE IT!
    But, "Jessie" is to die for!
    Thank you for sharing!

  29. What a delightful table setting!

  30. I love the colors in your table--a little summer left and fall coming into the picture. We don't have a Stein Mart that I know of around here. When I visit my hometown in Virginia each autumn, my sisters and I love to shop at the S.M. there and always find things that we "need" and love.


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