Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Apples and Lemons and Flowers

It’s not exactly what I had intended to do, but it seems I am showing you my tablescape S L O W L Y….in increments---almost like a strip tease in reverse. On Monday I showed you (here) napkin rings and chargers that I had spray painted to give them a little umphh! Today I’m sharing my centerpiece and linking to The Style Sisters for Centerpiece Wednesday.


This is how the whole table got its start…my inspiration as they say in the design world :) Actually, I’m inspired any time I find a good sale, but I have a “thing” for pretty napkins and love these colors! So, the centerpiece took its cue from the colors in the napkin!


This is my very favorite vase. It’s a six inch cube vase. They are available at Walmart, Target, Hobby Lobby, Garden Ridge, etc. Priced around ten dollars, it’s a steal. I call it the little black dress of centerpieces. Its six inch height makes it perfect for dining table centerpieces. You can easily still see over it to have conversation at the table. Today I used green apples and lemons to echo the colors in napkins and anchor the flowers.


A small bunch of alstroemeria from Kroger is always a good choice. They are inexpensive (these were $4.99 plus a dollar off coupon) and come in a variety of colors. I also like to check the sale basket—lots of good flower bargains there! Don’t forget to strip all the leaves from the part of the stem that will be in water. This helps keep the flowers fresher for a longer time. Also, if you’d like to eat the fruit, remove it from the vase when dinner is over. It gets a little water-logged :)


I added a few floating candles in wineglasses of different heights. Candles always make a meal feel more special! Stop by The Style Sisters for inspiring centerpieces. You can find them here!

Thanks for stopping by! Don’t forget to come back on Thursday for a view of the whole table! Please say hello—I’d love to hear from you!~~Susan


  1. Susan, I'm loving those napkins! (I had to smile about inspiration coming from a sale - if I ever have any inspiration, it's because something was a bargain!). Your centerpiece is so pretty. I'm going to have to get one of those "little black dresses" of centerpieces. Can't wait to see the whole table. laurie

  2. The napkins are stunning, I love the pattern and the colors. YOur glass cube is a treasure for sure. Very versatile and the fruit and flowers are the perfect centerpiece. Placing the candles in the wine glasses is such a clever idea. I would have never thought of that. Everything is just beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  3. Very pretty! I just love the colors in the napkins. The green apples and lemons are a perfect compliment in your vase.

  4. I love all of it, especially those gorgeous napkins! well done :-)

  5. Love your new napkins! I agree with you on the vase. I don't own one but have seen them used so many ways in all the magazines! Nice centerpiece, I can't wait to see your tablescape this week too.

  6. Don't know where my other comment went! :(
    Anyway - I do like the colors you are using. Looking forward to seeing the end result.
    Out and about today and actually did not "glisten"! :-D

  7. I like the idea of using the fruit to anchor the flowers...very pretty. Looking forward to seeing the complete setting.

  8. Awesome idea using the apples and lemons, so clever! Love those napkins too, the colors are just great! Will be back to see the rest!


  9. Those napkins are gorgeous! Love the bright colors.

  10. Hi Susan ... love the tease. Gorgeous napkins -- what a great jumping-off point for a tablescape. You are so right about the square glass vases; I have several in different sizes -- left from flower arrangements I received. The flowers died, but I kept the vases and use them all the time, for all sorts of things.

    Can't wait to see the Friday reveal.

  11. How clever and pretty! The best part is that you didn't spend a fortune, which helps the rest of us feel like we can accomplish a pretty setting too, thanks for the tips and for sharing!

  12. Pretty napkins! I am sure the table will be lovely!

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