Sunday, June 20, 2010

Blindsided by The Blindside….A Metamorphosis?


I suppose, by now, if you are unaware of the runaway hit The Blindside, you must have been living under a rock. I saw the movie when it first came out and loved it. But, I thought I noticed a big “boo boo” when I saw it at the theater. I recently Netflixed the movie to check it out. Surely not….nobody could or would make a mistake this big!


I have no idea how Julia at Hooked on Houses provides clear movie scenes each Monday. I never miss it! Please, forgive my feeble effort. The movie is, of course, about the life of Michael Oher and the family in Memphis TN who took him under their wing and radically changed his life. TheTuohy family became aware of Michael when he was given a scholarship to attend the same school their children attended….the same one my children attended. The actual filming of the movie took place in Atlanta GA. The school scenes were filmed partly at the Atlanta International School and partly at the Westminster Schools. I suspect this particular scene is from a set built specifically for the movie….


This is the actual school in Memphis that Michael attended and where he played football. It’s not quite as glamorous as the movie set. I ’ve spent a lot of time at this school….a lot of time looking at this building in carpool lines…..a lot of time with this particular verse of the Bible. It is one of my favorites. So I wonder….how does a mistake like this happen? I’ve heard of artistic license…..but with the Bible?

I hope Susan at Between Naps on the Porch forgives my “artistic license” with her theme for Metamorphosis Monday :) Please join her and a host of others for some inspiring ideas!


  1. Hi Susan,

    What a big mistake to make!
    You would really think that someone would have noticed this.

    Have a great week

  2. I agree that is a really big mistake.

  3. They should have just filmed it in Memphis. What school is that? My niece and nephew both went to private schools in Memphis.

  4. Hi Susan! OOPS! That is a big goof up! It's it surprising no one noticed! As sad as this is, it kind of tells us where some folks are - they know nothing about God.
    You know, I have yet to see that movie! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Wow - How did they mess that one up. I relly want to see this movie, as I am probably the only one who has not! {I have a 3yo =)} Hope fully soon enough - I hear it is fabulous {other than this big little oops! Thanks for sharing - Visiting from BNOTP - Have a wonderful week! Stephanie Lynn

  6. WOW!! Big Oooops!!! Can you believe - I still have not seen the movie.
    Enjoy your week and stay Cool!

  7. Just recently saw the movie at home...I did not catch this...have to watch again to see if I see it.

    Glad you pointed this out.
    God bless,

  8. Wow! Good eye, Susan, and I didn't catch it in the movie. Glad you pointed it out to us. That's a pretty big mistake!!!


    Sheila :-)

  9. That's a pretty big error there. Kind of ironic considering it came out of Hollywood where so many think that they are equal to God. Just sayin'...

    I am one of the few who have yet to see that movie. I have been told that I would LOVE it. I need to sit down for a pair of minutes and watch it.

    Didn't even know it was filmed in Atlanta.

  10. Someone wasn't paying attention. That's a significant mistake. I did like the move very much.

  11. Have not seen the movie -- what an amazing "oversite"!

  12. What a blunder! How could no one have caught this?

  13. That's pretty funny! I didn't even notice until you pointed it out. Oops!

  14. I loved the movie and Sandra Bullock was so great in it! Joni

  15. Yikes! Talk about not proofreading your work! :)
    I haven't seen the movie, we never go. Gave up Netflix. I will see it when it comes to TV! :)
    Did you get the Greyhound schedule? :)

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