Thursday, May 13, 2010

All of the Pleasure; None of the Guilt

Ann over at Thibeault's Table has a fun party on Saturdays. It's a great way to make sure you haven't missed a good recipe and to get another slant on it. I'm joining for the first time. You can join The Saturday Blog Showcase here!

About four o’clock every day I have what my mother in law called a “sinking spell”—that’s spa-ull with two syllables :). When my children were young, it hit at the exact time I needed to be starting dinner, helping with homework, or putting on my chauffeur’s cap. Not a coffee drinker, I got in the habit of having a little hot tea or hot chocolate either with Oprah or in the car. And it is no secret to anyone that I love dessert. I still need that late afternoon pick-me-up---and that, as they say, is where the trouble began. happyhour-1

With a Starbucks on every corner and now even in Target (are they out to get me? ) I became quite attached to the caramel frappuccino—caffeine and dessert! But at 430 calories and around five dollars for a grande, the evidence began to pile up---in unattractive places :)


But “they” weren’t through with me yet. Then I discovered Sonic’s caramel/mocha/ hazelnut java chillers—even more decadent and I didn’t even have to get out of the car! And it so happens even more calories---about 540 for 14 ounces. I was just about to go back to hot tea with Splenda when I saw this recipe for Home Brew.


Christy over at Southern Plate posted a recipe last year and I’ve been making it ever since when the weather is warm—iced, delicious coffee that is inexpensive, low in calories, and easy. It is decadent pleasure with none of the guilt. I use a coffee bean grinder (which can be bought for under $15), but you could use ground coffee or grind the beans at the grocery store. The fresh beans have a little more ooomph! Those are coffee beans bought at Costco.


Put a cup of coffee grounds in a one quart container. Add water almost to the top leaving about an inch of space so you can shake it up. Let it sit about twelve hours or overnight. Using a strainer and a large coffee filter, pour the liquid and grounds in slowly to drip into another bowl. Pour slowly. You may have to change filters about half way.


You’ll be left with this concentrate that will store in the refrigerator for days---but it won’t last that long :)Now for the mixing: Mix equal parts of the concentrate and milk. I use 1/2-3/4 cup concentrate and the same amount of skim milk. I also use three (yes, three) packets of Splenda. You may want to experiment to find the right strength for you. Add ice, a squirt of Readi-Whip, and a straw.


My sweet reward for a day of hard work—about 45 calories for the skim milk and 20 calories for the topping--- dessert, caffeine and end of sinking spell :)I’m joining Michael Lee West at Designs by Gollum for Foodie Friday. Our dear hostess always has something to offer that is as pretty as it is delicious. Click on her button on the sidebar for immediate transportation!


  1. Woo Hooness for you! I have that sinking business too, but mine hits around 3pm! :) Not being a coffee drinker or even having a liking to mocha flavor - I just sip my Diet Dr. Peppers or Coke Zeros! But now if I'm at a Sonic - just order me an extra thick chocolate milkshake! I'm good to go until around midnight! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Oh my that looks so good and less calories and yummy! Thanks for sharing and love the saying 'sinking spell' I have them myself!

  3. I know what you mean about the "sinking spell." After we started WW, I had to come up with something tasty and satisfying - at least for me. During the winter, I would always have coffee made for when my DH got home around 3:30. I started putting some Cool Whip Free in mine along with my sweetener and cream. Yum Yum! I also eat a 100 calorie hostess snack pack which is 1 point. That really gets me through the afternoon.

  4. I have a friend who used to do that for parties - made it easier for her and people could personalize to their taste...

  5. Oh that looks yummy! I'm gonna have to try it when I get that "sinking spell" Thanks for sharing!

  6. That sounds great! I got hooked on cold coffee drinks last year. I just made extra strong coffee, added 2% milk, then a squirt of caramel syrup (like for ice cream sundaes)and some sweetener. For PENNIES, you have all the bang without any of the buck!

  7. This is my kind of foodie post. I love this idea. And you re right, fancy coffee drinks are pricey and calorie loaded!
    I am certainly going to try this recipe. I bet it becomes one of my favorites!

  8. I think you were peeking in my windows. I made a cold brewed coffee concentrate a few days ago and have been waiting for a sunny day to get a few good pictures before I post it. Good stuff!!


  9. I have tried to cut back on my coffee consumption lately but that is worth trying! Great idea.

    Best wishes,

  10. This looks good! I wonder if adding some cocoa powder to the brewing stage would add a little chocolate flavoring...

  11. I'm sitting here in a WELL DUH moment. We make our coffee using a filtron, which extracts shots of coffee much the way you describe. Therefore... I ALWAYS have it on hand. I am so definitely going to try this.

    I have a "spa ell" around that time as well. And in southeastern Georgia, I need something refreshing like this!!


  12. At work we used to call it the five-to-three feeling - that part of the day when you're tired of work but it's not time to go home. In the winter someone was sent out for pastries; in the summer, icecream. Even our boss approved. Glad you've found a delicious way around it. xx

  13. What a great idea. This is something that both Moe and I would enjoy. Thanks for sharing.


  14. I love your money and calorie saving version! I really need to pick up some Splenda soon. ;)

  15. Looks good - thanks for sharing the recipe.
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

  16. I've had those sinking spa-ulls, but I can't drink coffee - at all. It makes me climb the walls. I loved your commentary for this post though. You had me smiling. laurie

  17. I'm so glad I found this. I have sinking spells, too. I learned the term from my mother, who, I'm sure, learned it from her mother. I guess it's a Southern thing.

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