Friday, January 1, 2010

Some of the People I’ll Miss


Farrah Fawcett first made me aware of hair….hair I wanted. There is a whole generation of women my age who relentlessly pursued the perfect shag haircut. The guys may remember her swimsuit pinup. I will remember her hair.


I’ll miss Michael Jackson…not the caricature he became, but the one in this picture. The talented singing dancing little boy on Ed Sullivan or the Andy Williams show.


I think we’ll all miss Patrick Swayze. None of us who ever saw “Ghost” or “Dirty Dancing” will ever forget him. He was good looking and brought dancing back. But more than that, I liked that he was a “beefcake” who was married until his death to the girl he met in his mother’s dance class.


I hadn’t seen him in a while, but I’ll still miss Ricardo Montalban. I spent a lot of Saturday nights with him and Tatoo on Fantasy Island.


I was really sad to see the death of Ed McMahon and the last of this of this late night team. I don’t think they can be duplicated or imitated. Deep down, I always got the impression they were just genuinely nice people who liked each other and us too.


I’ll miss this man..the one who told me President Kennedy had been shot….the one who choked up as he announced that he had died….the one who told me an American had landed on the moon. I, like many people, believed him when he ended the news with “ And that’s the way it is”. Now I’m not always so sure.

Countless others have died this year…regular people who have made unsung sacrifices and contributions. But these are faces from my past…comfortable faces…and I’ll miss them all.


  1. Great Post! I too will miss all of these people. They all had something they contributed to my life.

  2. Happy New Year, lovely post and nice to remember them all.

  3. ... & the lights went out. God bless all their souls.

    Happy New Year to you Susan. TTFN ~Marydon

  4. Good Post!! I grew up with all of these people!

  5. Beautifully said. I'll miss each of these people as well. Thanks for sharing these thoughtful words. ~ Sarah

  6. Nice Post!
    So far sounds like just flurries tomorrow - sure hope that is the case. I am not a cold weather person at all.

  7. Nice remembering some of those we will miss..
    Sometimes I forget who had passed..
    Another snowstorm here!

  8. Thanks for visiting our new site :-}

    I too miss most of the people you mentioned, and for most all of the same reasons.
    ~ I liked Farrah, though I was sad her and Lee Majors didn't work things out.
    ~ I always felt sorry for Michael as we grew older. We were the same age, I just always thought he was never allowed to be anywheres near "normal", and was always trying to become standards set down for him by others, thus he didn't know who he even was.
    ~ Walter Cronkite seemed to have true intgrity. Why has that become an ify thing any more?
    ~ Ed and Johnny seemed to really care about one another and be much more than 'just' co-hosts!
    ~ And oh-h-h Patrick!!! What a hunk! And how he proved the 'Hollywood' "normal" wrong with his being so darn good looking and yet staying loyal to his one and only wife. Made him 'that much more' to so many of us!!
    o/~ "Thanks for the memories ...." o/~

  9. Hello Susan,
    So glad you stopped by. and left a comment. I think all us bloggers enjoy comments.You have a very nice blog by the way!
    I like your story on how you picked out your hubby.....I picked mine out too over 33 years ago and we are still very happy!
    Stop by anytime,

  10. Beautiful post, Susan and yes, all these great people will be missed.
    I remember the hair, we all wanted to have hair like Farrah.
    Then Patrick, lovely Man that he was and stayed loyal to the one Lady.
    thank you for the Memories.


  11. Susan, you did such a great job of paying tribute to these "greats". It seems that we've lost an unusually large number of "greats" this year. My grand-dog who attended our NY party is our sixth (not counting a deceased lab). My children have large dogs, i.e., labs, mastives, etc. This Christmas gift puppy is a Golden Retriever. She can only visit while she's small. I don't let the big dogs visit, because I'm not sure how my setter would react to them. Hope you have a happy 2010! laurie

  12. I found myself choked up reading your post. You paid such a nice tribute to these greats. They will surely be missed. Especially if you are as old as I am. -Delores

  13. It will be great to watch Dirty Dancing, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.

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