Monday, January 25, 2010

Finally…The Happy Dance


Congratulations to the Saints and the entire City of New Orleans! This city has needed a big dose of “happy” since Katrina. The resilience of the people of this city proves they have never been “Ain’ts”!


  1. Our real estate agent's step son is Chris Reis of the Saints - I know she is smiling today!

  2. My husband was screaming himself hoarse last night. He is happy this morning.

  3. We are a very happy family too. After visiting New Orleans this past fall I can only imagine the excitement in town after this WIN! We are ready to have our very first SUPER BOWL party!

  4. Yay, congrats. I rarely watch Football but I saw the first game yesterday, didn't see this one though. I like to see the Superbowl so I will root for the Saints cos there seem to be a few of my FB friends that are fans ;)

  5. Susan that is WONDERFUL!!!! *Smiles*

  6. I'm not really a football fan...but, I did like seeing them win! They needed some good news!

  7. Was actually pulling for the Vikings - but was not too terribly disappointed when they lost..the Saints needed this not only for the team but for the entire city!

  8. WHO DATSAY WHO DAT!!!!!!!

    WHOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! :)

  9. Thanks for your visit to my Colts post today, for your comment, AND for letting me know how you found me.

    I am only sad that the Colts and the Saints aren't meeting in the Super Bowl as two undefeated teams.

    I will never be convinced that purposely "resting" players and thereby surrendering games is a good thing or an honorable thing.

    However - - - all that aside - - - I am thrilled that the TWO BEST TEAMS from this season are meeting in the Super Bowl. That doesn't happen often.

    Your QB is a good ole Indiana Purdue U boy - - - that can't be all bad.

    Naturally, I hope we clean your clock and I'm sure you're hoping to do the same to us.

    See you on the old gridiron and may the BEST team win.


  10. What a great game that was. I don't watch football usually, but my husband does and was watching. I was on the laptop sitting with him and even I got into it a little. I'm so glad your Saints won.
    Thank you so much for your sweet message and input my friend.

  11. Yes, I'm happy they won! It should be a great Super Bowl. Hubby's team, the Jets lost, but we're okay with it. It would have been difficult for him to watch the game in Afghanistan and hard for me too. When they play in the Super Bowl I want my hubby watching it with me!

    I love, love, love your wreath!! It looks so simple to make! And I love your black door! Did you paint it yourself? I've been thinking of painting ours, on my own, and am just a little unsure of my ability! Our door looks very similar to yours.

    Enjoy your day!!!

  12. Woot Woot! Good for them!
    Thanks for popping by to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. We watched the games...I am happy for them although my Hub yelled F a few times over the Favre fumble heard round the world.

  14. Congratulations! They played my husbands team the Vikings and it was an awesome game. My team is out this year, the Giants. I love football!!!
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  15. Having good friends who have weathered that horrific event... I so applaud the true struggle, the determination to succeed, to rebuild...

    So here is a another success for those who still need many more .

  16. Well, I would have prefered the Chargers had made it further along in the playoffs BUT since they didn't, I am rooting for the SAINTS all the way!


    PS - you did a great job with the Valentine wreath!

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