Monday, September 21, 2009

A Stroll Down Television Memory Lane

At long last, it's fall television premier time...and just in the nick of time, at least for me. I don't think I can stand one more dreary night of reruns or those awful filler shows. But I started thinking back to a time when Beloved and I had routine shows that we watched and couldn't miss...back when we were newly married, had young babies, and free entertainment was really important!

Back then our tv was a large cabinet affair in the downstairs basement family room--ughh, I still hate basements! Our Friday night routine was to put the kiddies to bed by eight and the steaks on the grill by 8:30. At 9:00 sharp we were sitting on the floor eating on the coffee table with this family.

I couldn't wait to see what mischief JR and Bobby were up to each week. I eagerly awaited the fashions of Sue Ellen and Pam. And, of course, seeing Miss Ellie was like having a visit with your own mom. They were an interesting, if dysfunctional family.

But they were not the only dysfunctional family I loved to watch! Do you remember the tv show where this matriarch held court?

Jane Wyman was the mistress of "Falcon Crest" which showed us the not so pretty underbelly of a family winery. It's hard to believe this conniving woman was ever married to that sweet mild mannered Ronald Reagan :)

On Saturday nights my favorite sound (besides the gentle snoring of sleeping children) was "da plane da plane!", followed by that deep voice of Ricardo Montelban bidding me "welcome to Fantasy Island". Of course, we also loved to travel to and each week we did.

We went to exotic places with a wonderful crew and quirky new passengers each week! But the eighties were not without serious moments and some social conscience.

I loved "Thirty-Something"! The characters seemed just a little older and much more worldly than I....not to mention their lives were a little more sophisticated and complicated! And some things I watched purely for ummm...... educational reasons.

I thought Harry Hamlin and Corbin Bernsen in "LA Law" were two of the most educational men I'd ever seen :) So this week and next, I'll be looking for some old favorites--"House","Brothers and Sisters", all the "Law and Orders", and "CSI Miami" to name a few, but I'm looking forward to a couple of new ones too.

The "Good Wife", starring Julianna Margulies and Chris Noth, is about a politician jailed in a sex and corruption scandal. Margulies, the "good wife", is forced to carry on and return to a legal career to save her family...wonder how they came up with this novel plot ? On a lighter note, "Glee" looks like it might be a winner to me. It is billed as a musical comedy with an ensemble cast.

Maybe "Fame" and "Happy Days" all rolled into one! Anyway, thanks for strolling down memory lane with me. These are "Three or More" of my old favorites. What was your favorite show of the eighties? Join Tam, our gracious hostess, at The Gypsy's Corner at for more collections and lists! Thanks Tam!


  1. Gosh...they all look so young! We haven't aged, have we??? ;)

    m ^..^

  2. I loved Dallas & Falcon Crest. And you forgot Knots Landing. And Dynasty. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I'm so glad the new fall season has started too.

  3. Thanks for joining in for Three or More.

    Sitting in for Tam for a bit.

    barbara jean =0)

  4. I was a big fan of Dallas too! I arranged my entire evening around being in front of the tv at the right time!

  5. Oh, who could forget Knots Landing, my all time fave. I think I wanted to be Karen, especially when Mac came on the scene!
    a bientot

  6. What happy memory's. We all say these shows in Belgium too, you know! Now a days we see less American shows and more Australian ones but the best American shows we still see too.

  7. I remember being excited about the Fall lineup. I used to watch Knots Landing. And I also remember Fantasy Island and the Love Boat. Now I enjoy getting DVD's from Netflix of the old shows.

  8. In 1979 Howard and I spent several weeks in Europe. At dinner with a group in Germany, we were asked, "Who shot JR?" over and over again -- but we didn't watch Dallas so we didn't know!

    But favorite shows? I can't remember any -- too long ago!
    Thanks for the memories, this was fun.

  9. Great post! I too remember all these shows. I am not as thrilled with the offerings this year. I need to remember Glee I think it will be fun!
    Hugs, Lisa

  10. Hi Susan,
    Great post down memory lane! I,too, enjoyed Dynasty, Falcon Crest but my most favorites were Thirty Something and Knots Landing.
    I would so like to put your Deck the Halls button on my blog but don't know how! lol I'm am able to do the ones that have all the letters under the picture but not the ones without and I HAVE tried for HOURS! Can you tell I'm new at blogging and very limited on computer skills. So, if you could let me know how...I'd love to have your button. I have REALLY enjoyed your blog and am going now to look at it some more. Vicci

  11. What a blast from the past:) I use to think 30 something was the best show on TV. Well, I had little kids and was held hostage by Fisher Price toys so what did I know in those days:)

  12. Susan, this brought back some memories! I really agree with you - I am sooo tired of reruns and fillers. I sure hope you and yours are feeling better. laurie

  13. This post brought back lots of memories...loved Dlaas and had to see Southfork when we were in Dallas in the mid eighties!
    The Good Wife so far is great - just finished watching it a little while ago. New favs for me are Drop Dead Diva and Army Wived!