Tuesday, September 29, 2009

SHhhhh.....Sometimes We Break the Law

I live in a beautiful community and the reason for that is, in part, we have rules and laws--lots of them. We have rules about parking, rules about grass length, rules about businesses, lots of rules about signage. And recently, I heard that we have a law about the number of pets you can own...uh oh. Kelee over at Katillac Shack is having a Pet Parade on Wednesday. For each link $3 will be donated to care for needy pets. I thought it was a good time to introduce you to the furry part of the family.

Meet Shelby. We are trying on our Halloween costumes a little early--just to make sure they fit. Shelby likes treats and is prone to put on a few pounds. Shelby is a Maltese. Beloved gave her to me for Valentine's Day one year after I lost my fourteen year old fox terrier. I had said I thought I might like what he calls a "fifi" dog--a prissy little lap dog. Shelby is in no way a "fifi". She is happiest when she is dirty and running through fields. She thinks she is a hunting dog. She is, however, fiercely loyal-- a real one-person dog. I, however, am NOT that person. She is strictly Beloved's dog--no ifs ands, or buts. I do love her. When Beloved goes out of town, I am very conscientious about taking her on long walks. I make sure that she is suitably outfitted for the weather. See?

This is the old man of the family--Hershey. Hershey is a Boykin spaniel who adopted us. He had been bought as a gift for a two year old and it didn't work out---imagine that. So Hershey stole our hearts and came to live with us as a ball of brown curls. He is old and a little arthritic now. He has lived through three children and two puppies. He has earned a rest and and our respect.

If you visit me often, you've already met Jessie. Jessie is mine-- I am her person! She is a three year old shih tzu who takes every step I take and sleeps by my head. We are ,as my godson says "like peas and carrots"--we go together!

Jessie has decided to be a ladybug for Halloween. And up to this point, we are okay legally on the number of pets. But from here the water gets a little murky. We are frequently called upon to babysit "granddogs". You've met Hannah before.

She is the product of a broken home. A former girlfriend gave her to my oldest son several years ago--Hannah lasted; the girlfriend didn't. Hannah is the funniest dog I have ever met and absolutely a daddy's girl.

This is Cooper. You may remember that Cooper and his mom (our daughter) got married this summer. He is adjusting beautifully and adores his new dad and new last name.

And finally meet Charlie, our baby's baby and the newest member of the family. Our youngest son got Charlie, a springer spaniel, in June. When "the baby" comes home, so does Charlie. Are you counting?...are you a government official?....I hope not. Shhh....don't tell anybody....sometimes we break the law. Join Kelee and lots of other pets on parade here!


  1. How very nice to "meet" everyone. They are all just adorable! Love the Halloween outfits! Your secret is safe with me!

  2. Awww! Look at all those sweet faces! Don't worry - I want tell! :-) What kind of dog is Cooper? Don't you just love this weather? Down to high 40's tonight !?!?

  3. All of your pet's are darlings, even the 'adopted' ones!! We have that crazy law too, as if there aren't enough homeless pets...

    Have a sweet week, Susan!


  4. Susan,
    So cute! I am without a pup, so if the "law" comes to your door, tell them that you are keeping mine for me. Jessie or Shelby would fit nicely with my sister's Westie or my brother's 2 Bichons. I love them all, but like grandchildren, like them when they go home with their parents!

  5. Your family's fur babies are all just gorgeous!
    And phooey on laws! : )
    Thank you for taking part in this fun event!! Our doggie Kip and I are celebrating at our place too! What a wonderful cause and what fun too!

  6. Hi Susan,

    What a big wonderful family you have.
    I love all your doggies and they look great in their various costumes.

    Have a happy week

  7. Susan this is just SO wonderful! What a love-filled home!!!

    Remarkable......thank-you for sharing them with us! I am so happy you are in the Pet Parade! We love you!!!

    kelee & oliver

  8. What a family!! They are all adorable..have a special feeling for Hershey though..he looks like you just want to wrap your arms around him..deserving to relax!
    We had a springer years ago and they are such a loving breed..and rambunctious!!
    Great post...

  9. Hey guys

    Can I come over and play? Since my mom passed on two years ago, I've been a solo pup. Barbara is mean and won't let me play with the chickens!
    Come see my scarf!

  10. Oh what sweeties you have! Love the pics of all your furry family!

  11. What a beautiful family you have. I couldn't pick a favorite if I tried.

  12. This made me smile!!! How cute are all those dogs!!!

  13. Hi Susan
    Adorable post & pups ♥

  14. They're all gorgeous and great models. Hershey has captured my heart with his story of adopting you. We (me & Zeke, the Great Pyrenees) love meeting new animal people. Very sweet post (I think it's okay to break the law for a good cause and ssshh we won't tell ;)
    ~Tracie and Zeke

  15. Your secret is safe...they are all adorable! Whenever I read of a dog adopting someone, my heart melts. Happy Pet Parade day!

  16. What sweet little pups!!! They're all so cute!!

    Thanks again for stopping by!! My blog is currently under renovation...for my blogging return!! LOL!!!