Monday, April 13, 2009

Three or More..What's on Your Bedside Table?

I've had a lifelong love affair with books. I began my fascination at a young age with an appetite for biographies about anyone in any time period. I love mysteries, whodunits, and true crime. I read the Bible, devotionals, and the occasional self-help book (although I can't say that self-help books help). I buy and read cookbooks the way other people read paperback novels. I like historical fiction, chick lit, and the classics. My favorites are legal thrillers; my least favorite is the Harlequin romance. I refer to Harlequin romance novels as "milky white bosom" books! Did you ever read one in which the heroine didn't "heave her milky white bosom" at least once? So this is what's on my bedside table, when I shouldn't be reading at all (except the devotional). Now, when I should be planning a wedding.

The devotional is Experiencing God Day by Day by Richard and Henry Blackaby. I am beginning my third year in a row with this book . Like the Bible, I find something new in it each time I read and appropriate for different times and circumstances in my life. True Evil is a novel by an author I love, Greg Iles. Iles grew up in Natchez Mississippi and writes about people I understand and places I know. The Bride's Book of Etiquette is my working manual now that we are planning my daughter's wedding. It's helpful, but not much has really changed since Amy Vanderbuilt advised me almost thirty two years ago. Bunny Williams's An Affair with a House is providing me with much needed time to daydream and bask in beauty created by others. That's my collection of Three or More things sitting on my bedside table. Join our hostess Tam at and see some other collections and let me know: What's on your bedside table?


  1. I love to READ cookbooks too! When is your daughter's wedding planned for?

  2. Susan,
    I love to read to. I read most during the summer when I sit outside on the patio enjoying the nice weather. I can't wait to soak up some rays and read a GOOD book since I'm pretty tired of reading text books. However I do enjoy reading my friends blogs whenever I can *SMILE*.
    Happy "Three Or More - Tuesday"
    Have a great Tuesday,

  3. I enjoy reading too when I get the chance. I always take a book to work to read while I eat my lunch. My bedside table is a mess at the moment. It has magazines and my glasses holder and maybe some books too.

  4. Hi Susan! Too funny - I just did a post on books and how much I love to decorate with them. Go check it out if you get the chance. Have a great week!

  5. Oh my goodness, I have three of those four books and don't have anyone getting married so no bride etiquette. I love to read in bed especially if it's a rainy night and a really good book. Which Greg Iles book is your favorite?
    Happy Twirls
    PS I'm working on a cooking and party book that perhaps you'll read before too long.

  6. I like to read too, but I am addicted to reading magazines. I have oodles of home magazines on my nightstand. They are under my bed, and in every room of my house. They are even in my car!!!

  7. Susan,

    Great post!! I too read cookbooks and have found many bloggers that do also!! My reading taste changes a lot, little bits of everything. Lately I have been so tired in the evening that I am trying to set aside time to read during the day!!

    Have a good week! :-)


  8. Hi Susan! I love reading Greg Iles books and I really enjoyed True Evil. I have all his books. I am from Natchez so you know I can really relate to his stories and I bump into him in town a lot. I have had dinner with his mom and dad, the latter and dh have the same employer....Christine

  9. Thank you for stopping by my blog today and especially thank you for leaving a comment. Making new blogging friends is always nice...and always welcomed!

    Your bedside table looks a bit like mine...loaded down with books. I love books and never miss the book sale at our local library. I've got my summer reading stack ready to go!

    Take care and happy Monday!

  10. I use to read a lot, but now seems like everytime I start reading a book, I get sleepy. If I do some serious reading, I usually sit at the dining table where I have to sit up straight. :)
    Thanks for visiting. Don't really have any tips about weddings. This one I am dealing with now is out of town, so I am not as involved in the planning, etc., just "funds". We are in the count down mode now. :)
    Have a nice evening.

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  12. I too love to read and it seems always to be more than one book at a time. I have enjoyed your visits. When is your daughter getting married?
    We had two weddings this past December being planned from our home.. My sister’s (who lives with us) daughter and our son both got married in December. Christmas was a very busy time around here. Looking back in December you will find pictures of both.
    I am glad I am not he only on who cleans for the cleaning lady! Hee hee!
    Good luck and bless your heart as you preparefor the wedding! Weddings are so much fun:-)

  13. I love books too... just wish I had more time to read. I do read a lot of Dr. Seuss and science books with my son.

    Thanks for visiting my 3 or more post for today. Have a terrific Tuesday.

  14. A lamp, an alarm clock, and an empty can of diet coke ... forgot to throw that out in the recyclables this morning! :) Thanks for stopping by the blog today - and everyday! :)

  15. Oh I love to read, I wish I had more time. I become so obsessed with what I am reading all else is forgotton. Perfect post, Happy Tuesday.

  16. Hi Susan,
    What a great idea for 3 or more!
    I love to find devotionals that you can read over again and find something new. Enjoy your week and your reading...

  17. Susan, wow! That is great! I like your comment about the Harlequin books. ;-) I'm not fond of those either.

    Happy Tuesday!

  18. Thanks for visiting my blog today. Great minds think alike..we both centered upon books today:) I have so many books I want to read but you know how it little time.

  19. What a great post! Gosh, I have so many books too! Love reading!
    Thank you for visiting my blog. Have a lovely day. :)

  20. I also love and collect books on a variety of subjects. Thanks for sharing yours!

  21. Ha! That's funny about the Harlequin books! I admit I am a romance novel freak! I love 'em! When I started reading them they were just romance...nowadays some of them have just a little too much of you know what! My 17 yr. old likes to kid me when I get a new book. "Mom's reading another sex book!"
    I saw your comment over at Chari's about thrift stores...we'll have to go thrifting one day! God Bless! Lauralu :)

  22. Bunny Williams An Affair with a House is one of my all time favorite decorating books! It is so inspiring as I am sure you have found. We must think alike.

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