Thursday, June 10, 2010

Design Star…My Sunday Night Reality Fix


Reality TV is back and just in time for me. I have been suffering from reality TV withdrawal since the end of of American Idol for the year, but on Sunday night Design Star will return with twelve new designers hoping to earn an HGTV show of their own. This year’s candidates range in age from twenty six to forty six and come from New York City all the way down to Texas. They come from a variety of backgrounds. Several are professional designers, but many are not formally trained. The hopefuls include a construction worker, a mason, and a missionary! For complete biographies you can check out the HGTV website here.


Vern Yip host of Deserving Design is back once again as a judge. Vern is a proud new Popa! Son Gavin was born in January of this year. In the background is a work of art Vern had commissioned for the nursery. I’m looking for pictures of the entire room!

Candice Olson is returning also for a second year. I love her show Divine Design, because I think she creates beautifully inspired yet liveable spaces. I thought she was a fair judge who shared constructive criticism with a sense of humor last year.

Finally, there is our old TLC barefoot designer Genevieve Gorder. Surprisingly, to me, Genevieve who seems so warm and fuzzy on her own show Dear Genevieve turned out to be the harshest critic. I was expecting Paula Abdul and got Simon Cowell instead! :) So, I’ll be watching on Sunday nights for the next few weeks. Who knows? Maybe I’ll find someone I like as much as my favorite Design Star winner.


David Bromstad was the winner of season one of Design Star and now hosts his own show Color Splash. David is famous for adding original art to the rooms he designs. I recently learned David started his career as a Disney illustrator! I’ll be posting as the show progresses. Let me know what you think!


  1. Susan, I haven't kept up since Antonio won- sorry, but to me that was a travesty. I agree about David!
    xoxo Pattie

  2. I love Design Star! I've watched from the first seasons also and think David is the best winner so far! Love Vern and so happy for him and his new baby!!! More photos I hope! I'll be watching and we can dish after!!!

  3. I was just lamenting that I can't find good design shows anymore. The only options for stations on my TV are HGTV and TLC. Frankly, both kind of disappoint lately.

    SO... I will write a note to tune in to this. Maybe it's just what I need to jumpstart the old ceative juices!

    Didn't know Vern had a baby. How sweet!!

  4. oh yey! I love this competition, lots of great ideas.


  5. I'm so glad you posted this. I love this show, and I sure don't want to miss an episode. I even got my DH to watching. LOL

  6. I stopped watching after David won. I didn't know Vern was a daddy... sweet!
    I told you I met Doug Wilson in the Pottery Barn Outlet a few years ago? No one in the store..had a little chat with him..he is tiny!
    Then I saw him again in Pier One. I think he owns a house near me. Does he have a show anymore??

  7. This is actually one that I don't watch. I went from Idol to So You Think You Can Dance.

  8. I used to watched this show a lot but haven't for a while, will have to start watching when it comes on. Candice Olsen is my favorite. Thanks for letting me know about my new post problem. I think it is b/c I retracted it and will repost at 6 tonight....Christine

  9. I love this show too. Thanks for reminding me that it starts this Sunday...I'll have to set my DVR because we are making a trip to Ole Miss for my son's orientation.

  10. I havne't ever seen this show. This is one reality tv show I would actually like. I love Vern. I met him at a home show in Greensboro NC several years back. Thanks for the update.

  11. I love this show too but I think we might be a season behind you.

    Congratulations on winning the mix master from Michael Lee too, Susan-you must be thrilled!

    Hope you have a great weekend.

    Best wishes,

  12. I'm glad you posted this - it's one of my favorites and I didn't realize it was back.
    The problem is, mu husband really dislikes reality shows and they are my favorites! He would watch the History channel every night. :)

  13. Hi Susan,

    I have watched this show before, as I love anything to do with design.
    The Artwork on the nursery wall is lovely.

    Have a happy weekend

  14. I know.. I love this show and I can certainly see why you do. You have impecable taste and talent commin out of every orophis... My compliment would be far more effective if I only had the gift of spelling! But hope you get the idea. Lovely everywhere you look. Keri a.k.a. Sam

  15. I really enjoy this program.. I do have to say I hope they have a bit more design/decor and a little less drama, but then I guess it wouldnt be Reality tv, would it.. One contestant is a local guy from greensboro nc. Hurry up Sunday night~!


  16. Susan, I'm so glad you posted this. I didn't know it was starting back up this weekend. Love this show. (I even enjoy getting irritated at some of the "designers" who think they are such divas!). I'll be watching. Thanks. laurie

  17. This show is also on my list - along with the next food network star!
    Adore Candice Olson - I'm so glad she came out with her own artwork. I still get the catalog from Paragon from when I had my gift store and have already earmarked a few of her pieces for "must haves" !!

  18. Haven't watched the show, but I love Candice and Vern. I love the picture of dad and new son.

    I still remember some of Genevieve's gawdawful work on Trading Spaces. YIKES! I'd have a hard time taking her criticisms seriously.

  19. Oh dear, I get hooked on these reality shows and wait for every episode. I have watched this series but usually go for the cooking shows. I'll have to tune in.

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