Monday, December 14, 2009

Deck the Halls…A Room for Memories

Welcome to Deck the Halls! I ‘m so glad you stopped by to participate or just to see what everyone else is doing. So far I have taken you into “my rooms”, the living room and the dining room. Today I want to invite you into our family room—the room where we make and keep our Christmas memories. I hope you will turn on your volume. The first song is my favorite Christmas song; the second is Beloved’s.


Next to the kitchen, I suppose this is the heart of our home. This room is filled with warm library paneling. I had the gas logs removed a couple of years ago…I love a real fire. Our stockings are a mishmash. Only the oldest has a stocking needle pointed by me…look for the other two to show up on Dr. Phil with their stories :) The other two will not give up their childhood stockings. I have added one for our son in law this year.


While the other rooms are formal, this room is all red and green and candy canes. It is full of memories of Christmases past and waiting to make new memories.


The Elf Himself sits on one corner of the mantel.


This tree, a live one, is filled with family ornaments….the ones the kids made in elementary school and Sunday school classes. It is filled with the ornaments we have given each child every Christmas until they leave home and start their own trees. It is filled with the Christopher Radko ornaments I have been collecting for many years. Each little bauble holds a memory.


This is one of my favorites—Christopher Radko’s “brave heart” ornament, released the Christmas after September 11.


No tree for us would be complete without an Ole Miss ornament!


We usually pick up an ornament on every trip we take!


I enjoy wrapping packages and always use a red and green theme.


Lots of rattling and shaking goes on around here :)


Peppermint scented pillar candles with candy canes for Santa!


Finally, I had to share one of my favorite Christmas memories with you. Our youngest was almost six months old when he was asked to play the part of baby Jesus in the school Christmas pageant. Mary, played by a smart second grader, was ready if the little one cried….and he did!!! Baby Jesus with a binky! I still have people from our old home town ask me how baby Jesus is :)

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  1. Oh what a sweet memory, Susan, about your precious baby. That's quite an honor to be Baby Jesus, even if he did not know what was going on, lol. I love Your Christmas ornaments especially the ones made by the kids. They are such treasures!....Christine

  2. I just love your home Susan and I have enjoyed each and every tour!! Your daughter as Baby Jesus, is just about the cutest thing ever! I love your gorgeous real tree, my favorite kind and all the lovely ornaments and gorgeous mantle! Great job my friend, Cindy

  3. What a wonderful memory and such a lovely home. You have everything so festive and inviting. The ornaments are just gorgeous.

  4. Oops I almost for about the party this week! So glad I stopped in to see what you were doing!

    Love the candy cane candles and your wrapped gifts are gorgeous!

  5. Susan, what a wonderful memory. What an honor to be Baby Jesus. What beautiful treasures you have, made from memories.. Thanks for hosting today darling. I felt so welcome as I made the tour.. hugs ~lynne~

  6. Your room is beautiful and what a sweet memory. Love your tree with the ornaments that have so many memories with them.

    Christi @ A Southern Life

  7. Your mantle is just beautiful, and so many wonderful ornaments on your tree.I'm sure there has to be many great memories at your house on Christmas.

  8. So funny about the pacifier. I have joined your party today. Your house looks beautiful. I love the fireplace-so cozy.

  9. I love the Dr. Phil comment. Everything is beautiful. We started buying our daughter a Radko ornament each year the year after 9/11. The patriotic heart was her first and we try to get her one each year that relates to something special that happened during the year.


  10. I've got to get my pictures made, and then I'll be back to participate. Your Christmas tree is so much like mine--a collection of all sorts of stuff. I recognize the Brave Heart ornament. I have one just like it.

    Love the picture of Baby Jesus with the binkie.

  11. Everything is beautiful! Yes indeed that was a great honor to play baby Jesus. Love your music:)

  12. Everything looks wonderful. We get ornaments from all our trips too! It does create wonderful memories. Most of all though I loved baby jesus with the binky!!! As someone who practices pediatrics and sees binkys all day long, I laughed out loud!

  13. Pretty, warm and festive decorations. I love the stories behind the ornaments and cute photo from the play.

  14. I had to laugh at the presents being shaken and rattled. That goes on endlessly here, even now that my kids are almost grown!!

    Your family room is so warm and festive. I love a real tree with 'real' ornaments that tell the stories of the years... and how precious that baby Jesus is!!

    Happy holidays, Susan! :-)


  15. I have just joined your party but my link did't show up. I will check it again later. Your home is just lovely. The picture of your child in the Christmas play is so sweet. Memories like that never leave us.

    Have a blessed Christmas.


  16. Oh goodness everything looks beautiful and all ready for a visit from the big guy! Love the Jesus with a binky!

  17. What fantastic, gorgeous trees!! Looking at the kids ornaments from past years must bring back lots of memories..for them especially!
    Laughed at the Baby Jesus with the binkie!! Something he should be proud of...

  18. Your tree is beautiful Susan and I love the mantel all decked out in greenery. Beautiful...

  19. How beautiful, Susan! I love your mantel and your tree is just gorgeous! I love your family ornaments! The story of baby Jesus with a binky is so cute! lol Have a wonderful week!...hugs...Debbie

  20. Your tree is like mine reminiscent of dough ornaments made by elementary children, pictures of your children in Sunday School framed in jar lids and beautiful Radko ornaments! Your tree does look fresh and you would receive an A+ from my grown children.
    Your wrapped packages are beautiful! thanks..

  21. Oh Susan! This room is my favorite! I love everything about it! Especially that tree! I'm so glad you shared your "baby Jesus" story! My eldest played one of the wisemen and the youngest was one of the animals in the same Christmas pageant! I think they were 9 and 5 years old! I also love your music! God Bless! Lauralu :)

  22. Susan, I love your live tree and all of its sentimental ornaments and that gorgeous mantel with its full greenery. Funny about your last 2 kids who will be forever traumatized....
    Love the binky on baby Jesus!
    Merry, Merry! Sue

  23. Beautiful home and Christmas decorations. Life is for "making memories". We just sometimes forget. Thanks for hosting "Deck the Halls".

  24. Susan - Everything looks so pretty, festive, warm and cozy. Love the comment about "Dr. Phil" - know what you mean. :-)
    Loved the warmer temps today - wish they would stick around for a while. I got a lot done today, but have so much more to do.

  25. Oh Susan, this is my favorite Christmas song too!
    Doesn't it just say it all??? Nancy
    PS: Your home looks gorgeous.

  26. It's all so beautiful, Susan! I loved the "baby Jesus" story! Sweet!

  27. PS: That song is a favorite mine.

  28. Everything is just gorgeous!! What a memory evoking photo. Loved the story, so sweet!
    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.
    Wishing you a Happy Holiday!!

  29. You have a beautiful home. I've so enjoyed seeing your decorations each week. Thanks for hosting this fun holiday event. I'm happy to join it this week. ~ Sarah

  30. Hi Susan...

    My friend, what a beautiful home you have! I really enjoyed seeing your beautiful family room all decked out in it Christmas finery!!! Ohhh my...I just love how you decorated the fireplace mantle...the thick pine garland and all those sparkly lights...gorgeous!!! All of your peppermint striped candles are sooo pretty! I especially like the ones in the three glass candleholders...absolutely gorgeous!

    Okay, my friend...I need you to come to my house and work your gift wrapping magic on all my presents! Hehe! Your pkgs. look sooo beautiful! Wow...I really could use you right now!!! Susan, your home is so warm! The love you have for your family and your home is so evident in your attention to even the smallest details! Thank you so much for sharing it and your creativity with us...and thank you so much for hosting this fabulous Deck the Halls's been great fun!!!

    Warmest wishes and Christmas blessings to you and your family, Susan!

    Chari @Happy To Design
    PS...thank you so much for visiting my Woodlands Christmas! Your sweet note just made my day!!!

  31. You have a beautiful home and the decorations are just wonderful, so festive, so inviting and cheery, love it all, what a great job you have done, and your photos are so real and full of life, hard to do I know....

  32. Susan, your family room is so pretty and so beautifully decorated for Christmas. I enjoyed seeing all of it, but especially baby Jesus with the pacifier. We do a Christmas pagent at our house on Christmas Eve with all of the family children participating. Last year, Baby Jesus was siting in the basket eating Ritz crackers so he wouldn't cry while the pagent was going on! Thank you for being such a great hostess for Deck the Halls. laurie

  33. Your home is so beautifully decked out in it's Christmas finery, the family room is so cosy & I can just imagine the fun you all have there.
    When I was 6 years old (53 years ago!!)I played Mary in the Nativity scene at Church and my doll (Nancy) played the baby Jesus. I remember I had to sing her a lullaby and she went straight to sleep!
    If you get the chance do fly over to Normandy for a visit, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas over here too.

  34.'re family room is gorgeous! I love your mantel! I think the prettiest tree in a home is the one with all the beautiful family ornaments. I love the story about the play...what an adorable pic! Thanks for hosting such a great party!

  35. Everything is stunning. And what a sweet picture of Baby Jesus!

  36. Susan, I love your "family" style tree - that's our family tradition as well. Your room is beautiful, and your stories fun.

  37. Your son is adorabe as baby Jesus. What a sweet memory.

  38. I love the first picture especially, and what a wonderful photo to have of your baby playing Jesus. Wonderful. xx

  39. I love a beautifully wrapped present and yours are gorgeous! Lovely and cozy fireplace photo. What an adorable Baby Jesus!

  40. What a gorgeous room! Fabulous decorating... and I agree-- a wood fire beats them all.
    Love all the decor, but my favorite picture is the last -- baby Jesus and his 7-year old mother!
    What a treasure to have that shot. Jesus with a pacifier. Hey, maybe Mary would have been grateful for one, you never know.


  41. Hi Susan,

    What a beautiful home you have and I enjoyed seeing all your wonderful Christmas decorations and wrapped gifts.
    Such a beautiful memory and photo of baby Jesus.

    Happy week

  42. Ahhh...I loved your home and all your decorations. It is all so well done and warm feeling. Our family has a baby Jesus too. Our grandson was about 7months old. We had a family play and he kept crawling out of the cradle! So fun!(and sweet) God bless,

  43. I really enjoyed reading your blog. I found your link through a Jim Shore google search and then from seeds of promise blog. ( I think that is the name, it was 5 AM)
    I used to be a child care director and my favorite time of year was our Christmas program.
    Your baby Jesus story reminded me of one time when we were practicing, and I got interrupted. I came back in and said "Ok, where were we?"
    One little 4 year old piped up "We were at the part where the shepherds were coming with the paste" (The shepherds came with haste)
    Thanks for letting me be a part of Deck the Halls.

  44. I am having fun going through all the will take me some time though!! I really enjoyed your wonderful decor. sweet your that your youngest was the baby Jesus..a sweet memory! Thanks for having this party! Hugs!

  45. Susan...Your halls are decked and your are ready !!!! Mary did you a favorite here also. Nothing sweeter then memories of the past at Christmas, your tree is wonderful...Thank you for stopping by and your sweet coments about my friend Lila....Have the Merriest of Christmas Holidays, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  46. Baby Jesus with a binki is too funny and I bet your son goes nuts when someone asks him about this:) I love the C.R. ornaments. My SIL once went up to his NYCshowroom and came back with some ornaments that were just thrown in the corner of her apt. that were free. She asked me if I wanted them. She had no idea of the value. Silly girl. Silly me for explaining it to her as then she kept them. My tree is a mismatch of this and that but like you and others have all said it is all about the memories of the ornaments which makes it so much to put up every year. Now the PB & J and the Wonder bread would certainly make a lasting memory with my family becasue they would probably have me locked up but it would be fun to see the expressions on their faces:) I do the entire Italian feast for Christmas and enjoy doing it.

  47. The best part of Christmas is the good memories it evokes. And nothing does that better than ornaments that are collected over the years. I love Christopher Radko ornaments, just can't afford them. I did get one in 2000 for the Millennium. And the photo of your daughter in the nativity is just precious. Thanks for hosting this fun party.

  48. Fabulous tree! Your son is adorable as Baby Jesus with binky. :)

  49. I LOVE YOUR Holiday Blog! Thank you for sharing your Christmas with us all.
    Happy Christmas!

  50. These holiday themed blogs have given me lots of ideas. I tried to join the party last night and it didn't come through. If I didn't get it right, please let me know. This is the first time I have attempted to join anything like this.
    Thanks for hosting it!

  51. Everything is amazing. God is in the details and you've given such attention and inspiration to all the details.
    All Things Heart and Home

  52. i THINK I just linked in the wrong place..o, your's just for Tuesdays?? UhOh...what should I do??

  53. I love your decorations, they are beautiful down to even the wonderful packages you wrapped it is all just so pretty, love it all...

  54. Susan, that was a lovely tour..loved the Nativity story! So many wonderful memories!

  55. your decorations are wonderful...Your pictures are great. There are new tree pictures up on the holiday blog...and I am loving looking through all the beautiful decorations on the Home Tour...Just need a few free hours...

  56. I can't believe you are asking me about pictures, your blog is beautiful, but I will tell you everything I know...Susan at napsontheporch has a sidebar with her cat laying on a chair and I think it says blogger questions..i do everything she said....never never never use the flash on the camera, shut it off and don't ever turn it back on, just turn on all the lights and open shades ect...she also said to download the google picasa 3.5 from google, it is free and when you have pictures in your computer they will also go there and picasa is wonderful with a sliding bar to add or take away light, sharpen, adjust, so easy, she makes it so easy to understand her explanation is way better then mine...I was utterly amazed when I shut off the flash and took a picture of my lighted tree, for the first time in years, it was perfect, couldn't believe it...please let me know if you find her info and how it works...I put a blog of frosting in the center of the cupcake then put it in the frig to harden a little bit, then with a cross frosting bit I just swooped up the sides of the gob and put a star on top...I hope this helps, it sounds so goofy, come and visit again and let me know if you find the info....phyllis

  57. I LOVE this idea of sharing so many different crafts with everyone!! Thank you for providing such a cool outlet for crafts!

  58. Hi Susan,
    I'm so sorry I missed your fantastic party, but my house is just not ready yet. I'm still trying to get organised. I would kill to have a real tree like your, mine is fake as we just can't get good shaped trees here, unless you pay a huge fortune for them.

    Great idea with the cake stand, you have given me some tips for a wedding next year that I will be doing.

    I plan to finish my decorations today, that is after work, so I might still make it to your party if that's alright. Better late than never.

    Have a happy day,
    xxxxxxxxxxx Coty

    I love your baby Jesus
    and guess what? I have been nominated for "Best costume designer for the 'Wizard of Oz' musical for the Cat Awards which is an Australia Theatre awards to be held in February next year. Fingers crossed, what fun.

  59. Such a lovely home, and beautiful Christmas tree! :) Holiday hugs, Erika

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. Thank you for your beautiful site....your home is lovely and the music is a treat to the soul...I could stay here for hours :)...Thank you!

  62. Lovely, Susan! It's perfection. And that baby Jesus is one of the cutest ever! :-)

    Happy Pink Saturday!


    Sheila :-)

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