Monday, January 24, 2011

The Most Depressing Day-Embrace It!


Gray skies got you down? Are you having a blue Monday? Well if you are, it turns out you are right on schedule! It turns out Somebody somewhere determined that January 24, 2011 is the most depressing day of this year. Christmas bills in the mail, broken resolutions, blah, blah, blah. Somebody has forgotten the resilience of the human spirit. Someone doesn’t know us!


It looks like a good day to retreat to me. So much attention is given to the Man Cave. All I need is this one little corner to nest in….a Nester’s Nook :). This is a corner in my formal living room—seldom used, but always tidy and inviting, and just perfect for me.


Here is picture of that corner of the room that my husband calls a huge waste of space. He may be right, but on days like this it doesn’t feel that way.


Whenever I’m feeling just a little down, it helps me to remember the many things for which I am grateful. My sweet daughter always makes sure I have cute journal to record them in. It also helps me to take the focus off myself—a good time to use pretty stationary to write someone a note just to say “I’m thinking of you”.


Who says hot cocoa has to be served in a chunky mug? I much prefer my “pinky-out” cup and saucer :) One painted in beautiful spring flowers is even better.


These belonged to my MIL. I have a set of eight with four different set of flowers. There is not a mark on the bottom of either the cup or saucer. I would love to know their history. Do any of you have ideas?


I’m listening to a little James Taylor and Carol King—Live at the Troubadour. Depressing? Chocolate, books, music, a snug corner. Sounds like a good Monday to me :)

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  1. Is that Barbra's new book? I saw it at Barnes and Noble a couple of weeks ago. I think I am going to order it. I flipped through it and thought her spaces beautiful.

    Love your corner nesting place. I made one of those in the corner of the breakfast room. Guess who has been sitting there most of the day, reading? Nope not I.:-)

  2. Sounds like you know how to brighten a gray winter day in style. That cup of hot chocolate looks so yummy with all that whip cream on top. Do you have an extra cup for me?

  3. Oh, I love your little corner, I love a spot to just sit and relax that makes me feel pampered. Your hot chocolate looks amazing. I think I need some. Beautiful design on the cup and saucer. Hope you have a super day. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  4. Your Nester's Nook is just perfect! And I thought I was a little blah because I was a w-o-r-k... no idea I was supposed to feel that way:@)

  5. I love a nook where I can curl up with a blanket, book and cup of hot chocolate and just relax! Love your pretty cup.

  6. I call 5 degrees depressing!
    Everything is a sheet of ice!
    BUT, I am thankful for a home with heat. The oil bill, well that's another depressing topic! :)

  7. You made me want to create a little nook of my own, Susan...a place to read and write in my journal {!!!}. Your living room is just beautiful, yet cozy and inviting...some aren't like this. Love your pretty teacup and the cocoa looks so good right now! Thanks for sharing you little spot in the world. Wow...I never realized this about January 24th, I'm glad I didn't read this when I got up this morning! :-)


  8. What a pretty "little spot" to relax, think and enjoy some quiet time. Sorry - I have no information on the very pretty cup and saucer - what a treasure to have.
    Today was a gray and dreary day for sure.
    Bring on 80 degrees and sunshine!

  9. We have a Florida room I can go out too for a few minutes away from our TV and think. I love the way you have made your Nester's Nook.

  10. Oh - love your cup and saucer -- they're beautiful. Not depressed but sure sick of the cold weather that just won't go away!

  11. That is a darling nook. The cup and saucers are so lady-like and pretty. I am ready for sun that much is true. Visiting from Marty's. ♥O

  12. You definitely made the best of it. I like cloudy, drippy days for that very reason.

  13. Awwww Susan I like your "huge waste of space" !
    Man Cave..... blah blah, overrated.
    Cute post !

  14. What a nice space and I am NOT feeling blue Monday at all! It is nice to have a space where everything is handy and you can retreat. I once kept just a journal for gratitude entires -- it was a good experience. Now just everyday journaling. Joni

  15. That looks like a WONDERFUL place to sit - thanks for stopping by my site! The first thing I noticed on your site - Hotty Toddy! :) While I might support Auburn now, I am an Ole Miss girl through and through!

    Jenn (

  16. I should have retreated from the time I got up. I had a frustrating day at work, came home to a bird (not a pet)in the house, no water pressure when I went to take a shower, and investigated lack of pressure to find water in the basement laundry room. They don't make Calgon in big enough boxes to take me away from that. I'm sure glad it is Tuesday! :o)

    Love your teacup!

  17. Lovely. I'm your newest follower.

  18. Hey, I am with you, sounds like a good Monday to me too. Everything is lovely!!
    hope you enjoyed it very much,
    Bet you feel much better today, nice to take a day to relax and do all the things you said. Good for you!!
    blessings, Nellie

  19. I'm so delighted to see you posting, and I enjoyed this peek at your pretty living room girly nest. And what a lovely cup! Wish I could help you, but I don't know. I wonder if Jeanne of Backyard Neighbor might. She was an antique dealer years ago, and her sister still is.

    And if that's a recent picture of Carol King... she looks FABULOUS, better than she did when she was young, even. Love her and James, too!


    Sheila :-)

  20. Your cozy nook is perfect for sitting and relaxing, whether reading or doing nothing. I love your cup and pretty and hot cocoa sounds perfect for a cold Winter's day.

  21. A beautiful, comfy corner in my living room would cheer me up in a second. I agree with you, hot chocolate tastes so much better when served in a lovely china cup.

  22. Susan, everything looks so pretty, and I think you've found a wonderful use for your formal living room. Your hot chocolate looks so pretty in the beautiful "pinky out" (love that!) cup and saucer. Oh, and is that B. Streisands book? I've made a request for it for my V'tine gift. It looks beautiful. I can listen to James Taylor all day long. laurie