Monday, July 27, 2009

Three or More Tuesday....The Top Ten

Tam At The Gypsy's Corner is hosting the 37th Three or More Tuesday! After your visit please join her and a list of participants to see what collections others are sharing. Today I'm not sharing a personal collection but rather a collection of ten that I PERSONALLY got to see on Sunday night....the top ten American Idol contestants!!

I've been an American Idol fan since the second season. I can't sing a note on key, but I love music of all types and styles. Besides that, I love a "girl or boy makes good" story. This week the top 2009 contestants appeared at the Fedex Forum in Memphis and I was right there with them--all the swooning little girls in sequin high tops, the rabid Adam fans, and some slightly embarrassed boyfriends and husbands. It was a sold-out concert in a venue that seats about 18,000. It didn't hurt that Kris Allen is from Conway, Arkansas right across the river and Lil Rounds is home-grown talent! The atmosphere was electric! The show featured the top ten from ten down singing solos with a few duets and a couple of group numbers rounding it out. The production itself was a visual light show and huge monitors provided closeups.

Lil got the crowd really moving with "If You Want it Then You Better Put a Ring on It"! The road seems to agree with her--she looked great and sounded much more controlled and relaxed than she did during the season. Anoop and Scott were also favorites. Scott and Matt did an amazing piano duet with Matt adopting his Justin Timberlake swagger and hat. Danny Gokey was surely a favorite. But you could tell...everyone was waiting.... and waiting...for Adam and Kris.

Adam stayed true to his image. He wore his jet black hair slicked back in a bouffant Elvis style Memphians have grown to love as with all things Elvis. The blue eye shadow was bluer and the eye liner was thicker than on television appearances. And of course, the pelvic thrusts...well let's just say they might have made even Elvis blush :). I loved his performance of "Mad World, a haunting song on a smoke-filled stage. He and Allison repeated their duet "Slow Ride". It's hard to believe that little red headed spitfire is seventeen years old. She performs like a seasoned veteran and the two brought the house down! Finally, the cute little guy from Conway Arkansas appeared. The youth minister the girls love and swoon over. The cute guy whose cheeks you want to pinch. The boy next door in the plaid shirt and sneakers.

Kris sang his new single "Heartless". I think this small town boy had better get used to fame and fortune! He is a gifted musican who seems to connect with the audience whether he playing his guitar or behind a piano.

The entire group wrapped it up with "Hey Jude". I loved every minute of it and it left me a little lonesome for Ryan, Paula, Randy, Kara, and even Simon. I think the group was well-received and given big southern welcome from a city with a rich musical history.

The entire group visited Graceland (the home of Elvis). I had to wonder as they ended their performance and left the stage: Were they dreaming of hearing their own version of "Elvis has left the building" ? :) Thanks for visiting. Tam has lots more at .


  1. How exciting! Such a fun tour! Wonderful memories! How wonderful for you!


  2. Hi Susan! Thanks for sharing your Idol concert! I'm more of a Dancing with the Stars girl. Haven't really gotten into Idol. Don't hate me! (LOL) Where have I been?! I missed all your previous posts! I love, love the patio! We need new cushions so bad! But then again we need to take a tree down in the front and a new driveway! Poor hubby just doesn't seem to make it fast enough! I can't wait til Friday! God Bless! Lauralu :)

  3. American Idol is the ONLY reality t.v. we watch. I too like to see the amazing talent emerge in a business where they would probably never get a chance.
    I was am an Adam fan all the way preferring the rockers. Allison was second fave.
    They were all really good though.

  4. I am so excited! We are going to the one in Pittsburgh August 22! I {heart} Danny!

  5. American Idol is a top show and I can imaging that the admosphere was electric. I saw the film of Fantasia a few weeks agoo on the Belgian television. It was a good story.

  6. I love American Idol. Fun to see the pics of the concert.


  7. Hmmm... I may need to watch it again. I so detest the judges, I quit watching a couple of years ago.

    Looks like a fun concert! Thanks for sharing your photos.


  8. Sounds like an awesome time. I don't watch it, but I should check it out. I will ignore Simon.


  9. Hi Susan... awesome!!! To get to go see the American Idol show in person!!! I would have loved it! Thanks for sharing a bit of the concert and an evening to remember with all of us!

    Warmest wishes,

  10. How fun for you to see the American Idol in concert! I would be very excited too. Thanks for sharing pics with us...Christine

  11. How exciting! I'm not a big AI fan but I want to see the So You Think You Can Dance tour when it comes to town. Happy 3 or More Tuesday!

  12. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for sharing your photos of American Idol in concert.
    What fun and it is always neat to see what talented people have to offer.


  13. You love American Idol like I love Dancing with the Stars.....but NOTHING compares to Elvis in my heart or eyes!!!! I have been to Graceland three times, and I KNOW that number will increase many times. I saw the DWTS Tour in January 09 and Elvis' 30th Anniversay Concert 07. Things we do for the things we like!!! Loved the party for your sweet dogie!!!